Keke Palmer reveals “funny” way she found out about pregnancy.

The Nope actress recently shared on her podcast, Baby, This Is Keke Palmer, the hilarious moment on how she almost “missed” the sign that she was indeed pregnant.

“It’s so funny because how I found out was actually Darius,” she shared. “Randomly I was just feeling to myself, maybe I could be pregnant. Like the period thing didn’t even happen yet. Maybe this is the time. So I took the test and it came back negative … I didn’t have the lines on there, so I just threw it in the trash.”

The 29-year-old continued, saying that she was out to dinner with a friend when her boyfriend, Darius Jackson, sent her a text, telling her the good news…that her test was actually positive! 

“I didn’t wait long enough!” Palmer exclaimed in the episode. “And I’m like, ‘I took that earlier today, like literally just some hours before I left out.’ And he said, ‘Well, you better get to be drinking water in your sight. Cause I’m buying 10 of these things right now. You take them all when you get home.’ “

Jackson chimed in to make sure that listeners knew that he wasn’t intentionally digging through the trash.

“I was not digging in the trash can… the cleaning lady, she just emptied out the trash. So, when I went to the bathroom, I only just see one item inside the trash and it was the pregnancy test,” he explained. “Then I just see the line and it was not even faint. It was actually a very thin line, solid straight.”

He said that he felt like the pair were in a “rom-com movie.” We bet that the moment did indeed look like that, especially with the ten pregnancy tests lined up!

Their baby boy is in for unquestionably a hilarious ride with these two as parents. We cannot wait to see what shenanigans will ensue after he is born.


Photo Credit(s)/Featured Image: Keke Palmer Instagram; Dalvin Adams

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