King Charles Banned 1 of Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Foods on His Trip to France
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During his first state visit to France, King Charles decided to forgo serving a culinary delicacy. The dish in question was a favorite of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth, during her own French sojourns.

This culinary choice aligns with King Charles’s ethical stance against the dish, often criticized for its production methods. The decision does more than reflect personal taste—it sends a clear message.

King Charles banned this food during his stay in France

During his three-day trip to France with Queen Camilla, King Charles has made a specific culinary choice. He’s decided to leave out a favorite dish of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth, from the menus at each residence where he’ll be staying.

Initially planned for March, Charles’s inaugural state visit to France as the reigning king got rescheduled. The change was due to widespread demonstrations against pension reforms.

Arriving in the French capital via airplane on Wednesday, Charles spent a few days there before jetting off to Bordeaux to wrap up his journey.

The last time Queen Elizabeth set foot in France was in 2014, and a senior official noted that her son made a deliberate culinary departure on this trip.

Laurent Stefanini arranged Queen Elizabeth’s 2014 visit to France and said she enjoyed foie gras with truffles.

However, according to Express, this delicacy won’t appear on King Charles’s dining tables.

One of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite foods is off her son’s menu

Stefanini mentioned that Queen Elizabeth II had a special fondness for top-notch foie gras mixed with truffles. This preference dates back to her initial state visit to France in 1957.

He noted that it felt like a culinary obligation to serve this dish to her when she visited.

“We felt somewhat obliged, as a sort of gastronomic symbol, to serve her some,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the pinnacle of Charles’ visit to France was a grand dinner event at Château de Versailles. Stefanini detailed that French government officials will be in attendance, along with key figures in the country.

Of course, the dinner was without any foie gras.

Charles also paid a visit to the iconic Arc de Triomphe and had a meeting with President Macron. Unprecedentedly, on Thursday, the King spoke to the French Senate, addressing both Senators and National Assembly members in English and French.

This marked the first time a royal has ever addressed the French Senate.

A communication from Buckingham Palace has verified that foie gras is officially off the menu in all royal homes. This new stance aligns with Charles’ longstanding ethical stance against the dish.

Known to be a delicacy made from duck or goose liver, foie gras has long been a point of contention for animal rights activists, who argue that its production involves cruel force-feeding techniques.

Per the BBC, the palace contacted the animal rights organization, Peta, affirming that the controversial dish is neither purchased nor served in royal settings.

Even before his reign as King, Charles had been a vocal supporter of improved animal welfare practices in agriculture.

For over 10 years, he’d already eliminated foie gras from his estates and played a key role in ensuring a broader prohibition across other royal properties.

Now wearing the crown, King Charles upholds this ethical commitment, keeping luxury food items off royal tables.

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