Kourtney Kardashian nearly spills out of her low-cut silk lingerie and shows off platinum hair in steamy new photos

KOURTNEY Kardashian has shared a sexy new look at her curves, as she practically spilled out of a low-cut piece of lingerie.

The Kardashians star was trying to promote a new Lemme product.

Kourtney Kardashian nearly spilled out of her lingerie


Kourtney Kardashian nearly spilled out of her lingerieCredit: Lemme
The reality star was promoting a new Lemme product


The reality star was promoting a new Lemme productCredit: Lemme

Kourtney posted the series of photos to her Instagram.

In the first, the model bent over while rummaging through her refrigerators’ fruit drawer.

Kourtney showed off in a short white babydoll dress that she practically slipped out of as she seductively leaned over.

A green open robe was draped over her shoulders.

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Easy to miss was a bottle of her new Lemme Sea in her hand.

In other photos she appeared to be using the new product, as she also lifted her leg high, letting the tiny dress ride up her thigh.

In the caption, Kourtney urged followers to: “Sea the benefits of Lemme Sea.”

“Irish Sea Moss is one of the most powerful plants and mineral-dense superfoods on the entire planet that naturally has 92 of the 102 minerals that the human body needs,” she explained. “We paired our wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss with D3 and Biotin for an extra boost of beauty, immunity, brain and skin health.”

She continued: “It also promotes radiant skin and hair, supports healthy thyroid function, supports immune system health, maintains brain health, supports energy metabolism and digestion, supports bone, teeth and muscle health!!”

Not to be overlooked, she ended her description by declaring: “And ours tastes like a sweet mint delight.”


Kourtney has been showing off lately, as she pushes her new products.

Earlier this week, she turned up the heat by pulling down her pants in photos, posted by the Lemme Instagram page.

The model decided to envelop herself in shades of purple to match the theme of her Lemme Matcha supplement.

The gummies are intended to provide the user with B-12 and some extra energy.

While matcha is green, the brand’s product bottle is perfectly purple – hence the all-purple theme.

In the first pic, the Hulu reality star gave the camera the cold shoulder while holding a bottle of Lemme gummies.

She wore an oversized thick knit sweater and a pair of thin black lace tights with no pants in sight.

The second photo was of the product bottle and a pair of high-platform purple chunky heels.

Finally, the third photo showed Kourtney from the chest up while she made an aggressive face to the camera with a gummy in between her teeth.


Promoting Lemme has become a family affair for the Kardashians, with Kourtney’s niece and Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West posting a testimonial video about the products.

The nine-year-old has become a TikTok icon since she joined the app last year, but fans have grown concerned with some of her posts.

In a recent video, North promoted her aunt’s new supplement brand.

The pre-teen made a video montage where she had a Lemme bottle opened in front of the camera.

Then, the frame changed to show two energy-boosting gummies spilling out of the bottle and landing on the palm of a hand. 

In an online thread, critics slammed Kim for allowing her daughter to promote the Lemme gummies are “not for children.”

One critic said: “Why does Kim allow North to promote Lemme on her TikTok?”

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Another added: “The products aren’t for kids.”

A third person said: “It would have been so bad if North tasted the gummies herself!”

Kourtney wore a short, plunging babydoll dress


Kourtney wore a short, plunging babydoll dressCredit: Lemme
She has been showing off as she promotes her product


She has been showing off as she promotes her productCredit: Instagram / Kourtney Kardashian
Kim was criticized for using daughter North to push the pills


Kim was criticized for using daughter North to push the pills

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