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Hot off the heels of the reveal that more material featuring Helen Mirren was cut from the theatrical release of Barbie, the film’s cinematographer revealed there’s even more that fans have yet to see.

Rodrigo Prieto, who also shot this year’s hotly anticipated Martin Scorsese outing Killers of the Flower Moon, told Variety that many scenes that were filmed didn’t show up in the final cut that premiered this past July.

“There were many moments that ended up on the cutting room floor,” he said. “There are many things that I imagine will start coming out.” 

One of the scenes Prieto confirmed exists is one involving Mirren (the Narrator) helping to deliver the baby of Midge, the discontinued pregnant doll played by Saltburn filmmaker Emerald Fennell.

Another scene involves Allan, Ken’s friend in Barbie World (played by the incandescent Michael Cera), which director Greta Gerwig “could not stop laughing” at when they shot it.

“We did this shot on Allan that emulated Jaws,” Prieto told Variety. “He’s terrified [when] Ken hits a wave and then flies in the air. There’s a moment where the police officer sees someone being eaten in the water.”

Prieto described how they used a dolly zoom to achieve the Spielberg-ian look: “The camera does this push-in, it’s a move where you use a zoom and you’re dialing into the character while zooming back at the same time. The effect is that the background changes.”

Margot Robbie in Barbie
Photo: Everett Collection

This is certainly intriguing behind-the-scenes tea, considering Barbie will hit IMAX theaters for a special one-week run this month and will feature new post-credits footage. Could we finally be getting the big Midge labor scene or the Allan Jaws moment? 

One of the highlights of the blockbuster was the inclusion of the weirder, queerer characters in the Barbie-verse, including Allan and Midge, even if their screen time was limited. Having more time with these characters and how they crucially contribute to Barbie World could only strengthen the film, in this writer’s humble opinion.

Finally, Prieto dished on the wealth of material they got shooting Will Ferrell‘s scenes, in which he plays the CEO of Mattel. “With Will Ferrell, come on — they should have bloopers from that because he just came up with the craziest stuff,” he said to Variety.

Barbie was directed by Gerwig from a script she co-wrote with Noah Baumbach, based on the doll by Mattel. The film, starring a dazzling ensemble cast including Margot Robbie as the titular doll, has grossed over $1.4 billion worldwide so far. 

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