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Twitter user recounts how multiple ladies filed report against a Canada-based PhD student after he wooed all the ladies in his department.

The online account was shared by a Twitter user known as @Olumuyiwaayo on the micro blogging platform.

Apparently, the student was sent to study on a fully funded PhD scholarship, but rather than focus on his studies, he was busy wooing all the ladies in his department.

It was gathered that a report was made by some of the ladies against him, which could attract disciplinary actions.

The tweep wrote:

“Dem give you funding to do PhD but when you arrived at your dept, na only you dey toast all the gals there until they had to file complaints against you. You aren’t aware of the consequences of such abi. IDAN 1,” he said.

See reactions:

@iyesophia wrote: “You say??
Na PhD toasting he dey do? 😂”

@olalekanag said: “Baba, all of you at that Uni should let IDAN breeeeef!!!
The scholarship was not in exchange for his mouth na.

IDAN ń socialise ni, fà!”

Olumuyiwaayo wrote: “O ti sun mi. I should add these things to my ppt henceforth.”

Aaron akpu said: “Chai. Village people worked overtime here.”

See the photo below:

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