'My wife thinks we’re having an affair, and I don’t know how to fix this'

A man on TikTok nearly fell into a serious marital issue after he found a random checkbook in his car, leading his wife to think he was having an affair. 

Mr. Rupp (@hashtagjrupp) — who went viral recently after sharing that he made a mistake that forced 25 students to retake the ACT — posted a video about the incident hoping to clear up the entire situation.

“If your name is Jessica and you live in Northern Colorado, I need you to check your voicemail right away because I have your checkbook. My wife thinks we’re having an affair, and I don’t know how to fix this.”

Rupp explained how he and his wife were going to the post office to get passports for their children for an upcoming cruise. At the post office, he told his wife to check the center console for the checkbook. Yet when his wife opened it, she found a checkbook that belonged to a woman named Jessica. 

After a Google search, the couple found that Jessica works in the same town Mr. Rupp teaches in, which wasn’t a great thing for Rupp.

“To be clear, my wife and I love each other,” he said. “She’s only 25% convinced that I’m cheating on her, which is way more than I need it to be.”

Mr. Rupp’s video received over 4 million views, and one of them happened to be from the very Jessica who owned that checkbook.

Jessica (@mckfranz) stitched the initial video and came forward as the person of interest. 

“My name is Jessica. I live in Northern Colorado. I never answer my phone. I never listen to voicemails,” she said. She then played the voicemail Mr. Rupp’s wife left and said that the two had been in contact.

“We have been in touch and found out that our kids go to the same elementary school,” @mckfranz said. “We still don’t know how the checkbook got into the car. We’re going to meet up later today, so I can get my checkbook back and hopefully try to figure out what happened.”

There are several comments on both accounts with theories about how the checkbook ended up in his car, but Rupp and Jessica have figured it out themselves and now have a funny, viral story to tell. 

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