Tales From the Void
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Viral scary stories from Reddit will be coming to life in a new series headed to horror streaming service Screambox.

Cineverse has acquired the exclusive streaming rights to “Tales From the Void,” an anthology adaptation of stories that originated on the popular subreddit r/NoSleep. Created by Francesco Loschiavo, the show will consist of six stories from the massive scary story community, which has 18 million subscribers. The series is set to debut this fall on the horror streaming service Screambox.

“Tales From the Void” will feature work from genre directors Joe Lynch (“Suitable Flesh”), Maritte Lee Go (“Black as Night”), the Adams Family (“Hellbender”) and Loschiavo.

Lynch is directing the pilot, based on “The Black Square” by Matt Dymserski. Other r/NoSleep stories will include “Betsy The Doll” by Rebecca Klingel and “I used to hack baby monitors. But one night I learned my lesson.” by Manen Lyset.

Loschiavo and John Thomas Kelley are co-showrunners on the project, which is produced by Barclay J. Maude, with support from Rebeka Herron and Martin Wotjunik. Aaron B. Koontz (“Scare Package”) serves as executive producer, alongside David Cummings from “The NoSleep Podcast.” Brad Miska and Brandon Hill are also executive producing for Cineverse.

“As someone who grew up on ‘Tales from the Crypt’ and ‘Creepshow,’ I have an obsession with anthologies and can’t wait for horror fans to see these classic ‘No Sleep’ stories come to life,” Miska, the VP of horror content at Screambox, said in a statement. “‘Tales From the Void’ delves through the best of horror, all from the unique perspective of some of the prominent modern voices in horror.”

Loschiavo added that, “This series is a love letter to the r/NoSleep community, celebrating the breadth and depth of the horror genre. We put a lot of time and care into curating and adapting these stories for television, and we look forward to seeing how audiences react.”

“For years we’ve been bringing horror stories to life with our audio adaptations,” Cummings said. “‘Tales From the Void’ is the next exciting step in this journey. Being able to see the stories come to life on the screen is frighteningly satisfying. We dare everyone to plunge into the void with us!”

The series is produced by Envoi Entertainment, Heroes & Ghosts, Rusty Halo Productions and Paper Street Pictures. The deal was negotiated by Danny Gusman at The Exchange on behalf of the filmmakers and by Brandon Hill, director of acquisitions at Cineverse.

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