Shark smells scuba diver nearby — reaction caught on camera

A scuba diver known as “Scuba Dan” is sharing the eerie yet undeniably cool moment a shark spotted him underwater.

In a TikTok posted by Dan Senior (@scubadan_), a shark is seen swimming near the scuba diver when it suddenly switches directions and begins to swim toward him. Luckily, it quickly realizes that Scuba Dan is not a threat (or the most ideal “meal”), and the clip ends with the shark drifting off into the distance.

But the most fascinating part about the brief encounter isn’t so much that the shark recognizes the scuba diver and then lets him go — it’s actually how the shark spots him in the first place that has people talking.

“Watch her eyes change the second she smells me,” the video text reads, just seconds before the shark turns its attention to Scuba Dan.

Sure enough, the shark begins to zero in on the scuba diver moments after she picks up his scent.

According to, sharks are super-sensitive to smells that are important to their survival, meaning they are often alerted to potential predators and prey first by scent rather than sight.

“Some sharks can even detect the blood of prey from a huge distance — one part of blood to one million parts of water,” the website explains. “That’s equal to one teaspoon in an average sized swimming pool.”

And so, as Scuba Dan points out in the clip, it was actually his scent that the shark seemed to notice before anything else, which TikTokers can’t seem to get over.

“I woulda passed out,” one person wrote.

“i would totally be eaten in that situation,” said someone else.

But not every viewer who watched the video was terrified by what they’d just seen. In fact, multiple people commented on how beautiful sharks really are — despite the bad rap they often get. Others simply marveled at how special the moment really was.

“Mesmerizing,” one person wrote.

“Wow that was actually so cool that was caught on camera!” said another.

“She’s so precious!” added someone else.

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