'Star Wars' Pride Month covers celebrate LGBTQ characters, artists
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June is Pride Month, and it wouldn’t be complete without a special Pride celebration courtesy of Marvel and Lucasfilm. StarWars.com and This Week! In Star Wars teamed up to present seven Pride-themed comic covers to get in on the fun. 

Each cover features an LGBTQ character from the Stars Wars galaxy and was hand-created by LGBTQ artists such as Betsy Cola, Luciano Vecchio, Phil Jimenez and more.

The first five covers are live, while the last two featuring Cinta Kaz and Vel Sartha will come out soon. While each cover features a different Star Wars character, each is Pride-themed, with a bright rainbow burst and a custom Star Wars progress logo. 

StarWars.com explained that Star Wars has celebrated Pride Month with special comic covers in the past and plans to carry on the tradition of “visual representation” into the future as well. 

The covers are part of real comics for sale by Marvel at local comic stores and are available online to order or download digitally through Marvel’s app.

Cinta Kaz & Vel Sartha by Phil Jimenez

After debuting in the original Disney+ series Andor, this pair debuts on their first comic book cover. 

Doctor Aphra by Phil Jimenez

This breakout Marvel Comics icon is currently in her second solo series, so it’s only fitting that she nabs a solo cover too. As one of two covers he created for Pride, Jiminez told StarWars.com that this one was extra-special as a gay Star Wars fan.

“As a gay kid obsessed with Star Wars — I’m old enough to have seen the first movie in theaters when it came out back in ‘77 — I could never have dreamed that not only would I be able make artwork for the universe itself as a working adult, but that I would be drawing LGBTQIA+ Star Wars characters to celebrate Pride,” he told the outlet. “The very idea would have blown my seven-year-old mind. What an extraordinary opportunity and a real gift to be a part of expanding the Star Wars universe in a really vital way.”

Domina Tagge by Lucas Werneck

You can find Tagge in Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #35 going head-to-head against Doctor Aphra. Artist Werneck told StarWars.com that the cover is representative of all that Tagge is.

“What a honor to be part of the Star Wars legacy and celebrate Pride! I really love these characters and was so excited when I was asked to do a cover of extraordinary Domina Tagge,” Werneck said. “She has this beauty, magnetism, power, and elegance that captures you, so the challenge here was bringing all those elements together. I really hope that the fans enjoy this cover as much I enjoyed to make it.” 

Just Lucky by Paulina Ganucheau

Credit: Paulina Ganucheau / Marvel

Just Lucky was a character new to artist Ganucheau, but Ganucheau was thrilled to be a part of the cover.

“Always such a pleasure taking part in the Star Wars Pride Celebration,” Ganucheau told StarWars.com. “I can’t wait to see what the other artists and creators have cooked up. Just Lucky is honestly a new character to me, but just from our first ‘meeting’ I already want to party with him.”

Kantam Sy by Javier Garron 

Get to know Sy, a young Jedi during the High Republic era and a determined padawan of Jedi Master Yoda, on this Pride variant cover. 

Magna Tolvan by Luciano Vecchio

Found on Star Wars Darth Vader #35, Magna Tolvan is a former high-ranking officer in the Galactic Empire currently embroiled in a romantic relationship with Aphra.

“This is my first official assignment for a galaxy far, far away. And a Pride one, nonetheless!” artist Vecchio told StarWars.com. “As a queer Star Wars fan it feels awesome to contribute to this aspect of the franchise. Fully developed characters like Magna and Doctor Aphra prove once again that comics as a medium is the place in entertainment where limits and representation are pushed and equality is restored.” 

Sana Starro by Betsy Cola

Smuggler Sana Starro is starring in a debut solo series, Star Wars: Sana Starros, after a stormy past with Han Solo and Doctor Aphra. 

“As a queer artist, it means so much to me that queer characters exist in canon and that I get to draw them! I’m thrilled that we have the chance to recognize characters like Sana Starros in this year’s Star Wars Pride celebration,” Cola told StarWars.com about creating this cover.

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