TikToker reveals hack for high-waisted jeans that are a little too snug: 'You just changed my life'
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While some people may need a solution for taking jeans in that are too loose, others might need help when jeans fit just a little too snugly.

Whether it’s just the fit, a recent washing or a change in body shape causing a too-tight waistband, 24-year-old TikToker Jada (@jada.cp) has a hack to help snug jeans fit more comfortably. 

In a TikTok viewed over 1.2 million times, Jada shared how she uses a simple ponytail holder to create a temporary adjustable waistband on her jeans.

@jada.cp This hack changed my life #fashionhacks #vintagedenim #outfitideas #clothinghacks ♬ original sound – Jada

“All have to do is take a hair tie, you just hook it on there and go through the hole. I go through it twice then hook it back on,” Jada explained. “And boom, it literally gives you, like, inches of extra stretch. No one’s gonna notice that unless they’re really looking, especially if you just pull your shirt down a little.” 

Jade noted that the hack can be especially helpful if you’re spending a lot of time sitting in your jeans.

“You just changed my life,” said @laurenemilyyyy. 

“I started doing this when I’m bloated and cramping. Life changing lol,” noted @kt25__. 

“Genius… now I can eat more food and still wear my sitting jeans,” added @deevakuri. 

As LifeSavvy explained, jeans designed for women can be notoriously difficult to size, as even standard sizing can vary widely between designers.

Additionally, sizing is usually in increments of two, leaving anyone between sizes forced to choose from too-large or too-small sizes — so the hack could come in handy in those situations. 

People who had been pregnant in the past noted in the comments that they were well-familiar with the hack from the in-between-sizes times that pregnancy and postpartum seasons can bring.

“This got me through my 1st trimester of pregnancy haha,” wrote @stitchfitz18.

Several other commenters shared their own tips and tricks for dealing with too-tight jeans.

“Also, just spray the wasteband and any tight joints with water and stretch. Works perfectly,” wrote @nicolerochellle. 

“I just wet the band a little bit and then stick my hair spray bottle while i get ready,” said @autumn.grace18. “it’s literally perfect. don’t soak the band just get it a little wet then put something in the waist while you wear them and it stretches it perfectly.”

“If it’s more tight all over, soak em (best if you can put them on, sit in the tub with them on) and then wear them for as long as you can stand,” suggested @ryanisknitting. 

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