Wheel of Fortune contestant Noah steals game with landslide victory as bonus round leaves viewers shocked

WHEEL of Fortune contestant Noah has stolen the latest round of the game show in a landslide victory during a shocking bonus round.

The young competitor walked away with more than $60,000 when the game was over.

Wheel of Fortune contestant Noah shocked fans with a landslide victory


Wheel of Fortune contestant Noah shocked fans with a landslide victoryCredit: ABC
He walked away with more than $69,000 after a huge bonus round win


He walked away with more than $69,000 after a huge bonus round winCredit: ABC

During Thursday’s show, Noah and other college students competed on Wheel of Fortune once again.

The young University of Pittsburg student made it all the way to the bonus round, where a lucky guess of “waiting around” won him an additional $45,000.

He was clearly in shock as host Pat Sajak showed him the card containing his winnings and both his father and boyfriend stormed the stage to hug him and celebrate with him.

Noah stood with his mouth agape, stunned just as viewers at home were.

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Fans celebrated along with Noah online, with one writing: “Noah rocks. Best #CollegeWeek contestant ever tonight!”

Another tweeted: “Wow Noah. way to go!”

The Wheel of Fortune Twitter account shared a photo of the contestant and his supporters, writing: “Congratulations, Noah!”

Fans were kind in the comments on that post as well, reveling in Noah’s victory.

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The big win comes after an on-air blunder that left fans laughing.

Earlier in the college competition, player India forgot she needed to solve and could no longer buy a vowel.

After guessing the letter C correctly, the college Wheel of Fortune contestant jumped to ask to buy a vowel.

Pat, 76, was quick to correct India.

He reminded her of the basic rule that she needed to try to solve the word puzzle before making another letter move.

The hot seat was then passed along to the next contestant, Noah, who solved the puzzle correctly with “social media influencer.”

All was not lost for India, however.

She still walked away with $1,000 despite the blunder.

Pat noted that she was lucky to take home the money despite “forgetting the rules.”


Last week, Wheel of Fortune producer Bellamie Blackstone shared the show’s plans for its 40th-anniversary programming.

In a behind-the-scenes interview, Bellamie announced she’s excited to have Sweetheart Week return to Wheel of Fortune.

It will be the first time couples are able to play together on the show since before the pandemic.

Teen Week is also lined up so that high schoolers and tweens will take their own shots at spinning the wheel.

College Week is set to happen again over spring break and Bellamie urges excited students with a sharp mind for word games to think about applying to appear on the show.

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A Secret Santa game is also on the books for a holiday special.

Bellamie then revealed the biggest change coming up for the show in its XL season as it prepares to take to the road – but wouldn’t reveal where the secret location will be.

He got lucky, guessing 'waiting around'


He got lucky, guessing ‘waiting around’Credit: ABC
The competitor stood with his mouth agape as his family gathered around him


The competitor stood with his mouth agape as his family gathered around himCredit: ABC
The win came after a hilarious blunder on the show


The win came after a hilarious blunder on the showCredit: ABC

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