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Woland: About the new big budget Russian drama


In this article, we are going to talk about the advent of the new Russian drama, Woland. This is because the lead actor is also revealed. Therefore, if you want to know about this Russian drama, which is telling a famous story, we urge you to read forward.



This show has come into the forefront. The prime reason behind this sudden trending of this show is owing to fact that one of the best actors in the business has signed on. It has been revealed August Diehl has been recruited to play the lead role in this movie. You might remember him from movies such as The Young Karl Marx, Inglorious Basterds and a Hidden Life. So, good producers and directors have always recruited him to play difficult characters. Mainly these are characters with a back story. So, let us try to find out the plot of this new drama.


Woland: What is the plot?

Firstly, it is very important for us reveal where does this story come from? It has been revealed that Woland has been adapted from one of the most respected novels in Russian literature. The plot has been taken from Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and the Margherita.

And Michael Lockshin has taken it upon himself to adapt it from a screenplay written by two writers. Now, let us get down to the story itself.

The story seems to chronicle the journey of Bulgakov. It is set during the Soviet Union, in the aesthetic state. The protagonist is a writer whose literary work is being banned because it contains a vivid depiction of Christ banned by the communist state. But, then he meets a young beautiful woman and starts to write again.

Further, you will be glad to know that the filming has begun and it will release sometime in 2022.

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