Evicted BBNaija “Level Up” housemate ‘Hermes Chibueze Iyele has actually mentioned he and also his brother or sisters were called after gods.

The efficiency musician, throughout among his post-eviction meetings, claimed his dad called all 4 of them after various gods.

He stated that ‘Hermes’ isn’t a phase title nevertheless what his dad offered him at distribution.

“My father named us four after gods. My two brothers are Akhnaton and Kuthumi, while my sister is Isis. Hermes is my real name,” he mentioned.

Hermes is an Olympian divine being in historical Greek belief and also folklore. Hermes is considered the declare of the gods.

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He can likewise be thought-about the guard of human heralds, tourists, burglars, sellers, and also orators.

He can move swiftly and also easily in between the globes of the temporal and also the divine, assisted by his winged shoes.

Hermes, based on evaluation executes the feature of the psychopomp or “soul guide”, a conductor of spirits right into the immortality.

Recall that forced out Big Brother Naija (Level Up) housemate, Allysyn Audu, recently made her stand acknowledged on being determined with her enchanting connection with a fellow housemate, Hermes, exterior the residence.

It can likewise be not a trick that Hermes currently has 2 sweethearts exterior the Big Brother Naija housemate.

In a most current meeting, she mentioned, “Knowing Hermes had two girlfriends, I respected his dynamic (circumstance) while in the house. However, upon coming out of the house now, I know that I don’t want to be a part of that dynamic (situation) but I have a genuine connection with him. I want to focus on myself. Hermes has a beautiful, intense and dramatic personality. I always go for people that are very different. He even physically stands out with his tattoos and piercings. We are both creative people. He is very talented and I know we are going to be great friends for a very long time.”

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