Almost three a few years after the distinctive movie, Hocus Pocus 2 arrived on Disney+ on Friday (Sept 30) and it’s had a super response.

Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy have all reprised their roles as a result of the three Sanderson Sister witches Winifred, Sarah and Mary.

In the 1993 film, a curious teen who moved to Salem wakened a trio of diabolical witches who’ve been executed inside the seventeenth century.

Hocus Pocus 2 sees three youthful women accidentally convey the Sanderson Sisters once more to modern-day Salem and may decide discover ways to stop them from wreaking havoc.

Here are some various the funniest quotes from the model new movie that shall be good in your Instagram captions…

Sarah Sanderson Quotes

  • “And look. It jiggleth.”
  • “I discovered if thou doth grind pig’s hooves and mix it with water, it creates mysterious goo.”
  • “Retinol. What a charming name for a child.”
  • “Tastes tinkly. My favorite feeling.”
  • “Oh, amok, amok, amok Amok, amok, amok…”
  • “I delighted in the luring. Twas my only job.”
  • I am suddenly powerful.”
Hocus Pocus 2 © Disney+

Winifred Sanderson Quotes

  • “Lock up your youngsters! Yes, Salem, we’re again!
  • “This time there will be no trickery.”
  • “Say hello to Satan for me.”
  • “Think soothing thoughts. The smell of fresh mud.”
  • “Oh look, they’re drowning a man. How charming.”
  • “Wretched villagers. Useless even when bewitched.”
  • My eyes have misted over with the tragic tears of a lifetime of failure.”
  • “Oh sisters observe, she has a new parlour trick.”
  • “I cannot eat. I am too troubled.”
  • “Tis unattractive to hold a grudge.”
  • “Oh, sew up your lips, you pious, pompous dunderhead.”

Mary Sanderson Quotes

  • “Holy Lucifer! How did she do that?”
  • There is a small woman trapped in that discipline.”
  • “Oh Winnie, the gates… they parted for her.”
  • “Winnie, my broomies are misbehaving.”
  • “Oh it no longer smells like death.”
  • “Perhaps we should form a calming circle.”
  • “I mean, one flub and thou must start all over again.”
  • “Corn, I smell corn.”
Hocus Pocus 2 © Disney+

Other Hocus Pocus 2 Quotes

  • “I love the resting witch face.” – The Mayor
  • “Don’t taunt the Devil Book.” – Gilbert
  • Legend has it that on a 16th birthday a witch gets her powers.” – Gilbert
  • “A witch is nothing without her coven.” – Mother Witch
  • “That’s a big ole yikes.” – Izzy
  • “How else does one stay young and ridiculously beautiful?” – Mother Witch
  • “No. I am a good zombie.” – Billy Butcherson
  • “Cobweb, you genius.” – Becca
  • “This is a flash mob. I love a flash mob.” – The Mayor
  • You’ve literally held a grudge for centuries.” – Becca
  • “Magic has a way of uniting things that ought to be together.” – Mother Witch
  • “Follow the sound of my voice, you dust bag.” – Billy Butcherson
  • “You’re not nearly as vile as I thought.” – Billy Butcherson