Is Elaine Paige Married to Justin Mallison? Husband and Accident Update

Is Elaine Paige Married to Justin Mallison? For eight years, Elaine Paige was dating Justin Mallison. Despite having a 20-year age difference, the two seemed to get along well. However, were they wed?

British-born Elaine Paige is a talented singer, actress, producer, and broadcaster. She has made a significant contribution to musical theater, which is well-liked.

Paige has worked on a wide range of projects since her debut in 1964, including The Boys from Brazil, Cats, Birthday Girl, and Blind Revenge.

Due to her numerous leading roles in well-known musicals, many of which received favorable reviews, Paige is frequently referred to as the First Lady of British Musical Theatre.

Elaine has amassed insane fame as a result of her reputation in the field. As a result, many people are curious to learn more about her personal life, especially her relationships and marriage.

Is the legendary British musician wed? Let’s examine all the information that is currently known about the Radio 2 star’s love life in this brief article.

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Husband: Is Elaine Paige Married to Justin Mallison?

Nobody is married to Elaine Paige. The 75-year-old man is single. She also doesn’t have any children.

The celebrity once admitted she wanted to have kids. She acknowledged that she finds fulfillment in other areas as well, though, at the same time.

I am content in other ways because of my wonderful life, Elaine said. She did have a few well-known relationships, though. Discover more about her romantic history below.

Their Relationship Timeline

In 2010, Elaine Paige and toyboy advertising executive Justin Mallinson started dating.

The public was shocked by the couple’s union because of the 23-year age difference. The former couple met while competing in tennis. But in March 2017, a rumor about their relationship’s crack first surfaced.

The singer vowed that she would never get married to Mallinson. In an interview, Paige stated, “I highly doubt Justin and I will get married. The well-known singer added that she liked how things were going.

In 2018, Elaine Paige’s ex-boyfriend also deleted all of his old tweets, including pictures of Elaine. The pair parted ways after an 8-year-long relationship.

According to many reports, the First Lady of British Musical Theatre’s breakup was abrupt. But a source close to the singer insisted they ended their relationship amicably and are still friends.

Elaine Paige And Sir Tim Rice Relationship Timeline

Before dating Justin Mallinson, Elaine Paige dated the lyricist Sir Tim Rice for 11 years.

The former pair dated during the 1980s. Sir Tim Rice was married to Jane Artereta when he had an affair with the singer. A British Tabloid newspaper revealed their relationship at that time.

Elaine and Tim Rice neither got married nor had kids. But they appeared in many public ceremonies together, and almost everyone involved in the industry knew about it.

Elaine Paige Accident Update

There haven’t been any recent reports about Elaine’s accident. But several years ago, Paige came dangerously close to passing away while singing through the musical Cats.

During her performance, the singer ascended the stairs to the Heaviside layer. Due to the smoke (from the dry ice) and lighting, it was fairly dark. Elaine’s foot slipped just as she was about to ascend the stairs.

Fortunately, she was caught by the company manager, who frequently sat near the stairwell. It would have been disastrous otherwise.

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