Jim Carrey Scandal

As the Jim Carrey scandal followed, leaving twitter right after his retirement. With this, his viewers have remained surprised on both terms concerning more details on the topic.

He is a Canadian-American Actor, comedian, and artist who has been a remarkable figure in the industry after serving for several decades.

He was active since 1977 but shortly announced his quits concerning his age.

As Jim is recognized for his vibrant slapstick portrayals, he came into viewers’ consideration after he began performing in the sketch comedy television series In Living Color from 1990 to 1994.

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Jim Carrey Scandal: What Did He Do?

The Jim Carrey scandal from a few years ago is still on the mind of people.

He arrived as a media highlight during the Academy Awards after weighing on Will Smith’s assault on Chris Rock during the evening.

Jim Carrey ‘probably’ retiring from acting: ‘I’ve done enough’
Jim Carrey ‘probably’ retiring from acting: ‘I’ve done enough (Source- Sky News)

As the public acknowledged the videos in 1997, he was detected sexually assaulting a then-20-year-old Alicia Silverstone at an accolades show before ‘forcefully’ attempting to kiss Smith at the same event.

He was highly criticized at the Oscars for providing Smith a standing ovation following his Best Actor win.

Additionally, Jim stated on Thursday night that he is “probably retiring” and that the cheers for Will made him feel “sickened.”

He also argued that he ought to have been accompanied out.

Still, his critics have quickly called him a hypocrite and brought up a video of him allegedly sexually abusing Alicia Silverstone at the 1997 MTV Movie Awards.

Why Is He Leaving Twitter Right After Retirement?

In current years, Carrey has been a prompt Twitter user conveying his artwork on the site, which has often been part of political satire or social commentary. 

According to Yahoo Sports, The Mask Actor has left the platform since Elon Musk assumed official control on October 28.

Other notable exits include Stephen Fry and Whoopi Goldberg, who announced their departure on The View and called Musk’s tenure a mess.

Jim Carrey Slams
Jim Carrey Slams “Spineless” Hollywood for Giving Will Smith Standing Ovation After Chris Rock Incident (Source- Eonline)

The American musician Moby announced he would leave the platform a few hours before Carrey, citing Musk’s actions and calling Twitter a “cesspool of racism.”

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Jim Carrey Net Worth As Of 2022

According to Celebrity’s Net Worth, Jim Carrey is a Canadian-American Actor, comedian, and producer with a net worth of 180 million dollars as of 2022.

Most of the comedic projects he handled have gained massive amounts of capital for the studio fortunate enough to push him for a lead role.

Shortly with the prominence, he started emerging in a series of low-budget movies and starring in the short-lived series. Since he has announced his retirement, his earning sources may now degrade.

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