Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell death news has undoubtedly taken the Internet by storm, but is it true or just another celebrity death hoax? 

Everybody knows the famous Simon Cowell- the British television producer, music executive, and television personality.

Cowell is best known for his roles as a judge on the television talent shows “American Idol,” “Britain’s Got Talent,” and “The X Factor.”

Simon is known for showering blunt, critical comments to the participants and has become famous for his catchphrase, “I don’t mean to be rude, but…”

Now, netizens are at the edge of a scare as his death news is circulating all over the Internet. Keep reading to find out.

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Simon Cowell Death News Trending On The Internet

There have been recent rumors circulating on social media that suggest Simon Cowell has passed away.

Several posts claimed that the TV personality was involved in a fatal car accident and died in the hospital.

There have been recent rumors circulating on social media that suggest Simon Cowell has passed away
There have been recent rumors circulating on social media that suggest Simon Cowell has passed away (Source: Hello Magazine)

These reports have caused concern among fans of the English TV personality and led to widespread speculation about his well-being.

Contrary to these rumors, Simon Cowell is alive and in good health. A tweet made by him on January 31, 2023, confirms this.

Furthermore, there has not been any official announcement of his death. Therefore, it is just a death hoax and can be disregarded.

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Is Simon Cowell Dead or Alive? Details On Hospital Admission And Accident Update 

Simon Cowell is alive and healthy. There is nothing to worry about regarding the music producer, and the recent rumor is a death hoax.

A celebrity death is a false report about a famous person’s death that is usually spread through social media and causes confusion and concern among fans.

Simon Cowell is alive and healthy, as the recent death rumor was only a hoax
Simon Cowell is alive and healthy, as the recent death rumor was only a hoax (Source: GQ)

A hoax often contains fake articles or posts claiming that a particular person has passed away from a supposed accident or illness.

There have been several false reports of celebrity deaths lately- from country music singer Alan Jackson to pop star Kelly Clarkson. 

Thankfully, like other celebrities aforementioned, the death news of Simon Cowell is only a hoax.

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Ex-Girlfriend Of Simon Cowell Responds To His Death News

Today is not the first day the death news of Simon Cowell scared the netizens. It has happened before.

Last month in January, the ex-girlfriend of Cowell, Sinitta, was pranked with the death news of Simon.

To illustrate, Sinitta, who was in a relationship with Simon Cowell on and off from 1983 to 2003, was frightened after receiving multiple messages claiming that the music mogul had died.

Simon Cowell ex Sinitta responds to his death rumours
Simon Cowell ex-girlfriend Sinitta responds to his death rumors (Source:

Sinitta expressed her frustration about the prank, saying it freaked her out and scared her.

She was revealed after knowing it was a joke played on her. Additionally, having a good sense of humor, she handled the situation gracefully.

The ex-girlfriend previously revealed that she had seen a future with Cowell, but their relationship ended when he had a son with his now-fiance Lauren Silverman.

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