Jordan Alexander before and after look.

Jordan Alexander is a Canadian Actress. She started her journey with no hair. What did Jordan Alexander’s hair look like at present? 

Alexander has been in the HBO Max series Gossip Girl since 2021 and has been playing the lead role in the series.

Before starting her journey in a lead role, she had only been in a Facebook watch series named Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones, which got an incredible amount of love from the public.

After she started her journey in the series Gossip Girl, viewers started noticing her role. So, while protecting people has been curious to learn about her decision to shave her hair. 

Please continue reading to find out the reason behind her new no-hair look. 

What Happened To Jordan Alexander Hair?

Alexander decided to go blade and have a new bold and intense look. She had curly black hair in the past.

But viewers are responding well to her new year; everyone has loved her look. She looks more confident and bold with no hair. 

Jordan Alexander before and after look.
Jordan Alexander before and after look. (Source: Hogwarts Brasil)

Jordan is mainly known for her style, looks, and attitude. She has headed in a positive direction, as always. 

Her fans have loved her look as always; also, she finds it easier to be with no hair. 

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Why Did Gossip Girl Cast Jordan Alexander Shaved Her Head?

People are curious as to why the lead Actor from the series Gossip Girl has been seen more with a shaved head and why she decided to shave her head. Is this her new look? 

Following the interview and sources, she mentioned that she had a curly hair problem. Her hair used to take more time to get ready. 

Alexander mentioned in an interview that she used to take care of her hair more than anything. It was always compilated to make her hair; it takes knowledge and love to do curly hair. 

Therefore, she decided to shave her hair and not put any effort into it. Alexander mentioned that it was an easy solution to not think about her hair day, night, and also in the early morning.

The main reason for her shaving her head was her irritation because of her hair, which took all her time.

Jordan Alexander got no hair look.
Jordan Alexander got no hair look. (Source: Allure)

Also, when she moved out and started living alone, none was there to help her with her hair. She said that her sister always helped her do her hair.

Therefore, she did not think it through and just did it one day and felt relieved about being bald. Back then, at some point, she also said, I can’t do it.

Now, she can go anywhere without getting her hair done, and also she looks pretty bold with being bald. She can relax with her hair while going anywhere.

Looking at her pictures from the past, she looks different in the news look, and it suits her as well. 

Most girls like to have long, thick hair, but in her case, she did not love her natural hair, which was Black, thick, and curly.

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