Who Is Celine Edmondson? Her Age, Boyfriend, Family, Dance 100

Meet Celine Edmondson from Netflix’s Dance 100. The new show features 100 renowned dancers and choreographers who have made name for themselves in the industry.

Dance 100, a brand-new reality TV series debuted on 17 March 2023. Compared to the dancing competitions that fans are used to viewing, this competition’s format is highly unique. Eight of the best dancers participate in the competition, competing against one another to earn a huge cash reward.

The performers on the show have performed with well-known musicians like Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Lizzo, Cardi B, and Jennifer Lopez. The difference is that these dancers won’t be performing; instead, they’ll be in charge of choreographing a performance for a group of people, testing their abilities to the absolute limit.

The show is hosted by Peloton instructor Ally Love overseeing the competition. Every round is crucial, and the stakes keep rising because the dancers will ultimately decide the fate of the choreographers. As the rounds go on, more and more dancers will join the stage, and eventually, there will be 100 of them there for the grand finale when the winner gets $100,000 and the title.

Read all about her as this article covers her age, boyfriend, family, and more.

Celine Edmondson On Netflix’s Dance 100

Celine Edmondson, one of the eight choreographers on Netflix’s Dance 100 season 1, was eager to make her voice known on a platform as significant as the Netflix program. She was able to breeze through the first two levels, but the third level was a different story.

Celine had to compete in a dance-off with Janick Arseneau since she received one of the two lowest numbers of votes out of the remaining four candidates. The former, however, staged a charming return and impressed more than half of the judges’ dancers to go to the semifinals.

Celine had to create two routines for a total of 25 dancers in order to be ready for the competition’s penultimate round. She had to pay respect to the 2000s for the opening performance. The performer made sure that the intensity we all associate with this particular era of dancing was there on stage by assigning a song in advance.

Celine was a child of the 1990s, so she was quite familiar with the time period. Yet, given that she was now a semifinalist, her performance did leave the audience wanting more.

The time had come for Celine and her team to graphically represent a narrative based on the concept of escaping the confines of the status quo. She obviously felt passionate about this issue, therefore the dancer chose to write a story about regular factory workers who decide to live their lives as they like after escaping from their routines.

Many people undoubtedly found the use of color to represent the change to be effective. The performance, according to several of the judges, should have been improved. Ultimately, Celine was regrettably unable to go to the finals. But, she did win a ton of fans as a result of the show’s outstanding performance.

Celine Edmondson Career

Celine Edmondson aka Boom started her dancing career at the age of 12. She holds a BFA in dance from the University of the Arts, and BLOC Talent Agency is her agent. She was also represented by Clear Talent Group.

Celine went on to study at Earl Mosley’s Institute for the Arts, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and has been mentored by Paul and Brian Herman of Double Up Dance Company. Celine graduated from the University of the Arts with her BFA in Dance. There, she choreographed for the student-run Hip-Hop organization AMMO and presented her own work in Student Composition Showcases and the Festival of Senior Works.

Celine has had the opportunity to choreograph and perform with her team as the Brooklynettes’ Assistant Coach. Her work has been displayed internationally and on the court.

Celine has had the opportunity to travel and perform all over the world because she is a Brooklynite. Center court at Barclays Center, the 2019 Global Games in China, and the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend all included her choreography. She is presently the team’s resident choreographer and assistant coach.

Celine has played with a number of artists in addition to the Brooklynettes, including Maluma, Meghan Trainor, Lil Kim, DJ Khaled, and more. At the moment, Celine is both teaching at the Steps Conservatory and working on intriguing film and television projects.

Celine completed high school at Kolbe Cathedral High School.

What Do We Know About Celine Edmondson Family?

Celine Edmondson is the daughter of Varada Manivanh (Think Nong). Born in 1975, she is 48 years old being born in September 1974. Per her Facebook, Varada is engaged since 2014 and lives in Shelton, Connecticut.

Her maternal grandfather Bounpheng Manivanh who hailed from Laos died on 28 January 2021 at the age of 68. Hence, she is mixed; half-Asian and Half-African American.

Bounpheng was a machine operator for Wheelabrator Bridgeport. He was married to Bouachanh Manivanh with whom he had a son named Johnny Manivanh (Celine’s uncle). Celine has a brother named Jeremy Flores.

Celine Edmondson Age

In 2023, Celine Edmondson is currently 27 years old.

Celine Edmondson Boyfriend

According to Celine Edmondson’s Facebook, the dance is currently single.

How Tall Is Celine Edmondson?

Celine Edmondson’s height is above 5 feet 4 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Celine Edmondson Birthday?

Celine Edmondson celebrates her birthday on 20 October.

  • Is Celine Edmondson On Instagram And Facebook?

Find Celine Edmondson on IG and FB.

  • Where Is Celine Edmondson From?

Celine Edmondson hailed from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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