Cargill, the MacMillan family

Marion Dickson is John Macmillan’s wife. The late Macmillan was an American businessman who also served as the president of Cargill.

Founded in Wilmington, Delaware, and with headquarters in Minnesota, Cargill is a privately held American multinational food conglomerate.

The maternal grandfather of John Macmillan founded Cargill and John was the president of the multinational company from 1936 to 1960.

Keep reading to learn more about his kids, family, and net worth.

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Who Is John Macmillan Wife, Marion Dickson?

John was married to Marion Dickson. Marion was born on July 14, 1892, and died on November 22, 1980.

Even though there is very scarce information about Marion, John was an established businessman.

Born in Texas in 1985, his mother Edna was the daughter of William Wallace Cargill. His father, John H. MacMillan Sr., was also a businessman who served as the president of Cargill before John himself (from 1909 to 1936).

The family tree of the Cargill family, the billionaire businessman who started the multinational conglomerate
The family tree of the Cargill family, the billionaire businessman who started the multinational conglomerate (Source: Forbes)

MacMillan received his education from Yale University and later joined the US Army’s artillery. By the time he was 23, he had already attained the rank of Major.

Moreover, he participated in World War I in France and was the father of three great children he had with her wife, Marion.

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Details On The Kids And Family Of John Macmillan?

There were three kids of John and Marion- John Hugh MacMillan, Whitney Duncan MacMillan, and Marion MacMillan Pictet.

The first kid, John Hugh MacMillan, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on February 28, 1928. 

Raised in Wayzata, Minnesota, he received his education at the Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts, and completed his education at the University of Minnesota.

At the age of 80, John died in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His body was buried at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis.

The image of William Duncan, the second kid of John and Marion.
The image of William Duncan, the second kid of John and Marion (Source: Amazon)

The second-born, William Duncan, also worked as an American businessman and served as the director of Cargill. Born in 1929, he passed away in 2006.

Regarding the third kid, born in 1930, Marion previously married, first name Sontheim in 1958, at age 28. Together they had two children: Frank C.J.A Sontheim and one other child.

After divorcing Sontheim, she married the first name Pictet whom she again divorced later. Marion Hamilton Sontheim Pictet died in 2009 at the age of 79.

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What Is The Net Worth Of John Macmillan?

The net worth of John Macmillan (II) has not been revealed, but it sure was humongous, as the net income of Cargill was reported to be 4.93 billion USD as of 2021.

The Cargill family comprises an 88% share of the company. In 2018, the company’s total assets were evaluated as 59.2 billion USD

In 2007, Forbes magazine reported that the net worth of the eldest son of John, Hugh Macmillan III was 1.7 billion USD.

He began working for Cargill as a grain merchant and eventually held positions in several states. His distinct managerial style sparked employee unrest at Cargill in 1925.

In 1936, he succeeded his father as president of Cargill, considerably expanding the family-run company.

Moreover, he made investments in the US and increased Cargill’s reach into South America and Europe. Reportedly, the company’s sales reached 1 billion USD for the first time during his leadership.

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