Anfisa Nava Resurfaces with Life Update: I Got My Degree and a New Home!

Late last summer, Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava celebrated her US citizenship. The 90 Day Fiance alum made the journey from K-1 visa to naturalized citizen!

But her updates have been few and far between — especially for one of the franchise’s most polarizing alums.

Now, almost exactly one year after her last video, Anfisa has staged a YouTube comeback.

She has a couple of updates to share — including her new degree, her new home, and more!

Anfisa’s last YouTube update came on February 18, 2022.

It is now February of 2023. According to Anfisa, social media fans and followers have been asking when her next video will be.

Well, wonder no more. She offered this video just a few days ago, at the very end of January.

Anfisa just moved to a new apartment. She shared this news as almost an afterthought.

Some of her boxes (and her cat, Monkey) appeared on frame, so she explained.

Anfisa is not quite done unpacking. We have all been there after one move or another. (Right? Most of us have, anyway)

Anfisa’s video was not an “unboxing” event, however. She had something a little more important to do.

Back in June, Anfisa graduated. She now has a Bachelor’s degree in business administration.

However, she has not yet gotten her hands on her physical diploma. A confluence of events led to a months-long delay, but late last year, her diploma became available for her to pick up.

This is the fulfillment of one of Anfisa’s longtime goals. Which sort of goes without saying — that’s what a degree usually is.

Anfisa reminded viewers, especially those who are less familiar with her post-90 Day Fiance story, that she first went to community college.

Once she had amassed initial credits, she applied to UC Irvine, received her acceptance, and transferred. Now, she has a business degree to show for it!

“I graduated with honors,” Anfisa notes in the video. “And it feels like it was a big achievement for me.”

It certainly was!

Keep in mind that it wasn’t so many years ago that Anfisa was a newcomer in the US. She arrived from Russia to learn that her soon-to-be husband had not been entirely honest about certain things.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Jorge Nava
Yes, Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Jorge Nava got married. But this didn’t mean that the reality stars got along.

Jorge Nava exaggerated his financial situation to a degree.

Is he a scammer because he didn’t disclose his debts and more before Anfisa came to the US? Is she a gold digger because of how unhappy she felt once she learned?

We cannot say for sure. But that marriage ended a few years ago. The final blow that brought about the slow death of their union seems to have been Jorge’s incarceration.

Jorge Nava New Mug Shot
90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava wears prison orange for his new mugshot. He has begun serving his sentence.

To hear Jorge tell it, he was taking risks — transporting legal marijuana out of California and through Arizona, where prohibition was in full force — to make his wife happy. Only for her to ghost him while he was in prison.

Anfisa does not seem to like that characterization.

Particularly when he specifies that she became “jealous” after his weight loss photos earned him attention behind bars. Is it true? Who knows?!

Jorge Nava Shares Dramatic Prison Weight Loss
90 Day Fiance alum Jorge Nava is almost unrecognizable, except for his face, after losing a tremendous amount of weight in prison.

But all of that is now in the past.

Jorge is no longer in prison. He and Anfisa are no longer married. In fact, Jorge is now a married father of two.

And, as her update highlights, Anfisa is now both an American citizen and graduate with a degree in business administration. Mutual divorce, mutual glow-ups!

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