Is Debbie Aguero Back with Oussama? She Says He Wants "Barry White Time" Again
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Over the years and innumerable seasons, only a handful of 90 Day Fiance cast members have been as instantly memorable as Debbie Aguero.

Whether she was quashing rumors, weighing in on other couples, or trying to set up her son with a gorgeous castmate, she was hard to miss.

She and Oussama Ahamdane didn’t work out. But, at the Tell All, she shared that he had tried “thousands of times” to contact her.

He still hasn’t given up. And contrary to his claims that he just wants to end things on a positive note, he’s trying to get back with her.


In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Debbie Aguero opened up about where things stand.

“He keeps contacting me,” Debbie revealed of her much-younger ex.

“And,” she shared, “he’s back to sending me poetry.” Oussama’s poetry was … memorable.


“Right now for me it’s friendship,” Debbie asserted.

“But for Oussama, he’s thinking that, you know, the future is gonna hold up,” she described, “and he’s going to be better.”

Debbie continued: “And he apologized to me.”


But that apology, she revealed, came with certain expectations in his mind.

“And he’s looking for like Barry White time,” she added. This joke from the Tell All is a euphemism for a hookup.

“And it’s like, oh, no, no, no,” Debbie reassured. “We just have to keep things platonic.”


“There’s no romance now,” Debbie then strongly emphasized.

“It’s like, there was several chances made over the years and trust and then sincerity,” she recalled.

“And,” Debbie then noted, “all that collapsed.”


Why is Debbie being so much nicer than Oussama could possibly deserve? After the way that he treated her?

Because, she explained in the interview, his family was so kind to her. She added that she became close to Oussama’s sister.

“It’s like, I want people to do better, even though he hurt me,” Debbie reasoned. “It’s like, hey, is it wrong? Is it wrong for me to be spiteful back? No. Let me lead by example.”


Debbie opened up about how, at times, she felt frightened in Morocco.

Oussama, she found, was “creepy” at times.

As she told Julian, she had begun to grow anxious about who Oussama would become after the sun set.


“He became a different person. And to me, that was creepy,” Debbie said in her interview.

“But I think he really regrets it,” she added. “But I can’t forget that because it is about honor.”

Debbie continued: “And it is about integrity. And it just boom, it crashed.”


“Many times, I counted my blessings. And thank God, the 90 Day crew was there,” Debbie expressed. “Because it was so odd and strange to have someone do a complete about face.”

She described: “And here I am in this little town. You know, I’m a tough old broad, but still, it’s like, I felt God’s blessing upon me.”

Debbie then asked: “Because what would I have done without the crew there? It’s like, you can’t just pick up the phone and call a cab and get out of there. I mean, and it was scary. It was in the middle of the night.”


“I felt so bad for his sister and his family,” Debbie then expressed.

“But Oussama it’s like, I don’t know if it’s immaturity,” she speculated, “but he seemed so mature over the years and then for him to do something so podunk, and the podunk stops here with Miss Debbie.”

Debbie clarified: “Podunk means not living up to who and what you can be, you know, and your actions too.”


“And so, when I use the word podunk it’s like, we’re not gonna, you know, put up with people being slippery and having a hidden agenda,” Debbie defined.

She went on to explain: “or just trying to bully you or passive aggressive behavior, which I’ve seen a lot of and it’s very hurtful.”

Recalling their frightening fight on the farm, when Oussama insulted her, Debbie had even more to say.


“You know, it was like, which Osama am I speaking to?” Debbie remarked.

“This was the guy that helped me out of a very serious depression through kindness, poetry and art,” she noted. “And, you know, this was going on for years.”

Debbie lamented: “And then for him to do a complete change on me. It was like, so disturbing and heartbreaking.”


“It’s like, ‘How can you call me names when you write me poetry?’” Debbie wondered.

“And see, he’s writing the poetry now, but it’s like, it burned into me, you know, it’s like, wow, why did you do that?”

“You know, I had been at the lowest point in my life.”


“You know, I want to trust Oussama,” Debbie confessed. “I want him to be an honest and better man and learn from this.”

She warned: “But he’s going to have to, you know, stand up, man up, you know, and do good things and take responsibility for his actions and be careful with his words.”

Debbie then advised: “You know, your mouth is a trigger. And when when you shoot it off, you hurt people with ugliness and bullying. And that wasn’t the Oussama I knew. It was like some strange guy took over.”

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