Jen Boecher Gave Her Number to Debbie's Son Julian: What Now?
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On the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 Tell All finale, there was a blink-and-you-miss it moment backstage.

Jen Boecher sat talking with Gabriel Paboga, talking about her hopes and fears about her off-and-on engagement to Rishi Singh. An engagement that has lasted for more than three years.

It seemed that Rishi will never fully defy his family, who will never accept Jen. With that in mind, she confessed that she is not letting opportunities pass her by.

In fact, she told Gabe that she’d slipped her number to someone. That person was Julian, the son of castmate Debbie Aguero.


Julian showed up earlier during the Tell All, as a guest. Not unlike a “Friend of” the Real Housewives.

He was there to support his mother, Debbie Aguero. Or, perhaps more accurately, to excoriate Oussama. Oussama lied to and insulted Debbie, then harassed her with seemingly unending calls and texts. Enough was enough.

The Tell All cast cheered on Julian for standing up for his mom. Jen Boecher seemed especially delighted … and Debbie noticed that, too.


When the Tell All took a break (they take so many, because they film for a brutally long day), Debbie and Julian hugged and spoke.

This was when Debbie told him that Jen had seemed to really like him. Jen is gorgeous and, when Debbie told him that, she and Rishi had not yet revealed that they were “back on.”

Debbie asked if Julian would mind if she gave Jen his number. She was really putting him on the spot with the question, but he gave her the go-ahead.


During Part 3 of the Tell All, Jen got a break after an ugly confrontation with Rishi’s mother.

Rishi’s mom smiles a lot and speaks in a soft voice. But she also says things that are cruel — repeating that Jen is “too old” and also insisting that her son cannot marry her.

That’s hard to hear. And it’s even harder for Jen to realize that one woman’s sense of entitlement to control her adult son’s life is keeping Jen from living her best life.


Jen had a straight-up reality TV moment (like, they’re all reality TV moments by definition, but this one really lived up to stereotypes) as she called Rishi.

She said that she will never — and even yelled “NEVER” while in tears — put up with that kind of treatment again. If it happens again, she won’t speak to Rishi’s mom in the future. No matter what.

Rishi offered to “do anything” for Jen, and reassured her that she is his “other half.” The two agreed to talk about this more, later. (“Later” meaning … not on camera)


Daniele, Debbie, Gabe, and Nicole all spoke backstage about Jen’s relationship. They have their doubts about Rishi, because he’s ultimately too much of a coward to stand up to his family.

However, once they were back on the Tell All stage, people had some encouraging things to say. “He can defy his mother in a tactful way,” Debbie speculated. “And I hope he does.”

But the idea of marrying into a family that already hates her is a little daunting for Jen. She felt unsure about the future.


Once she was backstage again, Jen opened up to Gabe in a one-on-one chat. “Here’s the thing, I’m not letting opportunities pass me by,” she confessed.

Despite being with Rishi, she told her castmate: “Like, let’s just say there’s an opportunity that may or may not have come up and I may or may not have given my phone number to somebody that, you know …”

That somebody was Julian, Debbie’s son. She told Gabe, and his reaction of delighted astonishment was priceless.


Gabe told her that it’s “good” that she was “testing the waters.” And he was right! Rishi and Jen love each other, but that might not be enough.

As for Julian, Jen asked: “What’s not to like about him? … I just felt his vibe. He’s an attractive guy. He’s my age — like, you know, he’s probably a couple years younger than me.” But all in all, he seemed compatible at first glance.

“I think to a certain extent, there is something to be said for someone who lives in the same country and whose family doesn’t already hate me,” Jen summarized. “It’s really tough.”


So, is Jen dating Julian? Signs point to “no.”

There are very strong indicators that Jen and Rishi are still trying to make their relationship work out.

But it was a cute idea. And it’s possible that we could see Jen trying to find a new love one day on 90 Day: The Single Life. Maybe Rishi will surprise us all, however.

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