Kody Brown: Will He Walk His Daughter Down the Aisle This Summer?
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As previously reported, Gwendlyn Brown has said I Do.

But now Sister Wives fans across the country are asking themselves:

Is she going to say Yes, You Can to her polarizing father?

In other, less confusing words: Is Kody going to walk Gwen down the aisle this summer when she exchanges vows with fiancee Beatriz Queiroz?

Heck, will he even be invited to the wedding?!?

Over the past several weeks, Gwendlyn has been more open than ever before when it comes to criticizing her father.

Last month, for example, she blasted Kody for the way he manipulated Meri over the last few years of their relationship.

“I’m just glad that ones that needed to get out of that situation, have gotten out of that situation,” she added at the time, praising her mom, Christine, and Meri and Janelle for walking away from Kody.

At another point, Gwen said that Kody has always treated Robyn’s kids better than her and her biological siblings… and it hurts.

“We do avoid the topic a lot but sometimes one of us will breakdown and ask him why he chose her over us,” Gwendlyn admitted in December.

Previously, Christine echoed this same sentiment on a Season 17 episode of Sister Wives.

“Being a mom is my most important thing, but I couldn’t with a clear conscience stay married to someone who had favorites and made it very known and someone who is breaking my kids’ hearts,” she explained to viewers.

Most troubling of all?

“I remember personally being bruised a few times [when] my Dad would spank me,” Brown told YouTube followers in February, adding that her famous father would sometimes punish her by throwing her into the air.

In a separate Q&A this year with her fiance Beatriz on YouTube, the couple discussed how Beatriz doesn’t appreciate how Kody speaks to Gwen.

“I don’t like the way that he talks to you at all,” Beatriz said about Kody.

Gwendlyn Brown posted another reaction video this week, this time responding to the Sister Wives episode in which her mother says her goodbyes to the family. Meanwhile, we’re all about that art on the table behind her. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Finally, in yet another exchange with fans a short time ago, Gwen said her dad is showing signs of improvement — but was critical of the reason why.

“He really has changed,” Gwendlyn said of Kody.

“The reason I think he started changing is because his kids used to be young and easily manipulated and I think he found it easier to talk to them [back then]. We weren’t as opinionated.”

Kody Brown looks quite displeased in this photo. And we love it!

With all this being said, the question maybe isn’t whether or not Gwen will invite Kody to her wedding.

But why she would even consider it?!?!?

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