Tom Sandoval Melts Down Over Raquel Leviss Affair: Everyone Needs to Leave Us Alone!
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Well, after one of the wildest runs in the history of reality television, Vanderpump Rules Season 10 has finally come to an end.

The final episode of the three-part VPR reunion aired on Bravo Wednesday, and like the previous two installments, it made us think even less of Tom Sandoval.

In case you somehow haven’t heard, Sandoval’s affair with Raquel Leviss blew up in both their faces back in March when Tom’s longtime girlfriend discovered illicit messages on his phone.

In the months that followed, the Scandoval made Tom and Raquel the two most hated people on TV — and if Sandoval still had any fans left, he probably lost the last of them on Wednesday night.

The Toms and Scheana at the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion. (Photo Credit: Bravo)

For starters, Tom didn’t do himself any favors on the reunion stage.

We’ll never know what possessed him to roast Ariana for wearing a t-shirt during sex, but he really did that — and if you opened your windows, you could hear the boos echoing from every corner of the continental US.

But after the cameras stopped rolling, things got even worse for Tom.

Tom Sandoval got roasted at the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion. (Photo Credit: Bravo)

The final scene of Vanderpump’s most shocking season delivered a barrage of additional bombshells, beginning when Raquel sat down for an interview with producers six days after the reunion was filmed.

In the interview, Raquel admitted that she and Tom had sex far more times than they admitted to on the reunion stage.

“I think it’s important for me to tell the truth,” Raquel said in her final confessional of the season. “The worst is out there yet I’m still finding myself having to lie about specific timeline things.”

Raquel spills the tea about her affair with Tom Sandoval. (Photo Credit: Bravo)

She added that Sandoval encouraged her to lie because he felt “like it would be less hurtful to say that this wasn’t going on for so long.”

She went on to admit that she and Tom had sex for the second time while the entire cast was in Mexico for Scheana Shay’s wedding.

“The second time was actually during Mexico,” she confessed.

“I was like, ‘We can’t see each other. This isn’t going to be a thing.’ But then that first night in Cancun, he was, like, drunk and trying to find his room … and I was like, ‘Wait, just come inside. Sorry, sir he’s really drunk.’ That was the second time we were physical, intimate with each other.’”

Raquel Leviss has been threatened in various ways since her affair came to light. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Leviss says her affair with Tom “picked up speed more after we wrapped filming” back in September.

Raquel went on to reveal that she proposed the idea of a throuple to Sandoval, who expressed doubt that Ariana would be up for such an arrangement.

Throughout the interview, Leviss confirmed that it was Tom who instructed her to continue lying even after the affair had been exposed.

Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss. (Photo via Instagram) (Instagram)

“God, he’s going to kill me. I just hate lying so much,” Raquel said at one point.

“He’s asked me to not disclose all this information,” she continued.

After that, Raquel dropped one final bombshell, revealing that she and Tom slept together while Ariana was in Florida for her grandmother’s funeral.

Tom Sandoval gropes Raquel Leviss in a scene from Vanderpump Rules. (Bravo)

“This is the one story that we’ve agreed on getting straight and I know the reason why Tom wanted to lie about it is because it’s a really bad look to hook up with someone’s boyfriend in their own house when they’ve gone out of town, especially for like a funeral of all things,” Raquel tearfully explained.

“So, I don’t know, this has f–king killed my soul, like I am so sick of lying. I hate it. I hate being deceitful. It’s horrible.”

Well, Raquel probably didn’t earn any new fans with her confession — but at least she confirmed that Vanderpump fans should be directing most of their anger at Sandoval, who was clearly the architect behind all of this depravity.

But to his credit, Tom delivered one hell of a season! Give the devil his due!

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