Tammy Slaton Trims Way Down, Earns High Praise from Medical Expert
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In case you haven’t noticed, Tammy Slaton is a brand new woman.

We mean this almost literally.

The 1000-Lb Sisters lead doesn’t weigh anything close to 1,000 pounds at this point; the last time she stepped on a scale, it read just over 500.

Since that time, Tammy has undergone gastric bypass surgery and is at the lowest point she’s been in her weight loss journey for many years now.

Way to go, Tammy Slaton! The reality star continues to earn praise for her weight loss journey. (Instagram)

A few days ago, Slaton shared a slew of selfies… none of which featured her using any extra oxygen, which is a major step for the TLC personality.

These same selfies made it evident just how slimmed down Tammy is these days, prompting many positive comments from her fans and followers.

But one stood out the most.

“So proud of you❤️,” Dr. Eric Smith remarked.

Tammy Slaton uploaded this photo to her official Instagram page in May of 2023. (instagram)

Dr. Smith helped guide Tammy along the way over the past year-plus.

We believe he’s the physician who performed the aforementioned procedure.

Supporters of Tammy were thrilled to see the surgeon offer up such kind words, with many responding to his comments in same section of Slaton’s Instagram page.

One follower noted, “you are a credit to your profession for not giving up on Tammy.”


On a 1000-Lb Sisters Season 4 episode, Slaton called it “a f-cking miracle” that she had accomplished her weight loss goal, adding on air:

“Finally, all my work has paid off. After all this bulls–t, all the sacrifices. I had to give up a lot. My soadies. My chocolate.”

Just a couple weeks ago, however, Tammy bragged about how much Diet Coke she drinks, causing a bit of concern across her fan base.

There’s also a lot of concern over Tammy’s general well-being, considering her marriage fell apart after just five months.


“If you were only here for my wife, then please delete me now,” Caleb Willingham wrote in late April in a since-deleted Facebook post, which was captured via screenshot by a Reddit user.

“We are married by paper only right now.”

Pretty sad, isn’t it?

The estranged spouses met in rehab and got married in the parking lot of that facility.

Wow! Tammy Slaton has lost hundreds of pounds and looks amazing. (Instagram)

But insiders now say that Slaton simply can’t handle how lazy Caleb has come, especially in the wake of her own achievements.

“They split up because Caleb hasn’t been following his diet in rehab,” a The Sun insider said in May, adding:

“He has gained 30 pounds and hasn’t been working his program.”

Concluded this same publication at the time:

“They got into a big fight over it and he told her he wanted a divorce, but then he tried to backtrack.

“She wants someone who can be there for her and his health keeps declining.

“She would have to take care of him once he’s out of rehab, and that is her taking on the care of a whole other person when she can barely take care of herself, so the relationship is pointless.

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