Usman Umar Meets 18-Year-Old Prospective Wife After Engagement to Kimberly

On this weekend’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Usman Umar meets a pretty Hausa girl.

His mom set it up. She wants this girl, not Kimberly, to be his first wife.

The young woman is only 18 years old.

Usman quickly compliments her, asks for her number, and dials up the flirting.

In the sneak peek of Season 7, Episode 12 that you can see below, Usman is carrying out his mother’s wishes.

Ostensibly, he’s riding high on Kimberly Menzies’ romantic proposal.

But the self-styled “Sojaboy” has returned home to meet up with a young Hausa girl.

Usman’s mother, Fadimatu, wants him to marry a local woman who meets her approval as his first wife.

As she explains to the camera, it’s about more than just her belief that he “owes” her grandchildren.

She fears that Usman will pack up and leave if he marries Kimberly, or any other foreign woman, without creating new ties in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Usman’s prospective bride is an 18-year-old Hausa girl named Fareedet.

(Yes, it’s horrifying to contemplate teens getting married, especially to men in their thirties, but it sadly happens in the US, too)

Fareedet’s mother explains that Usman’s legitimate sources of income and lack of drug addiction make him a responsible prospective spouse in her eyes. Okay.

“I wanted to leave as soon as I arrived, but seeing your beauty got me excited,” Usman gushes to Fareedet when their mothers leave them alone. 

Usman quickly admits to the cameras that he finds her “beautiful.”

“If I didn’t meet Kimberly,” he announces, “Fareedet is the kind of lady that I would like to go on with.”

Usman asks Fareedet about her aspirations for having children.

She, who is again a teenager herself, says that she would like to have “no more than four” kids.

Usman sounds pleased by her answer. He also asks for her phone number, handing over his phone so that she can enter it.

Fareedet then tells the cameras that Usman, who is nearly twice her age, is the sort of man whom she would like to marry.

“As a woman, it has always been my wish to get married and produce children,” she explains to the screen.

“I wish to have Usman as my husband some time soon or in the future,” Fareedet expresses. “I am truly excited.”

Clearly, Usman seems to be enjoying himself.

But you know who is unlikely to enjoy herself while watching this scene along with the rest of us?

Kimberly Menzies. After all, she just did a huge romantic proposal to him, he said yes. And then he met up with this girl.

Kimberly knew at the time of the proposal that Usman would be meeting this young woman. It was part of her motivation.

She planned a grand romantic gesture to make sure that she was on his mind — and her ring on his finger — when he met a potential other wife.

How well did her efforts end up paying off? Well … only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Kimberly spoke in a recent interview about how she loves Usman “enough to let this happen.

She then admitted that “I have learned that I have to pick my battles.”

Kimberly went on: “I kind of stepped to the side when it comes to this subject a little bit but we’ve talked and we have clarity on how it’s gonna be. We have a plan that’s for us.”

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