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Verrucas are warts or soles on foot. They are similar to warts. If your body weight is pressed on the floor, then it can result in excessive pain. The percentage of people having verrucas is 7-12%. Since viruses spread verrucas, they can quickly spread to others as they are contagious. It can take a few months for the verrucas to appear on the feet after the patients are infected. But if the virus is not treated, these verrucas can keep appearing again. Hence it is essential to find out how to get rid of verrucas. We will discuss all the options for how to get rid of Verrucas or warts in this blog.

What do verrucas look like?

Verrucas are raised, circular, and thicked around the rim, with callous skin around the raised area. A black dot on the verrucas can look like a pepper pot-like appearance. The number of verrucas can differ based on the infected area or the severity of the infected virus. They can also occur in groups called mosaic verrucas and can persist for many years if not treated easily.

How to get rid of verrucas?

Verrucas can go away on their own, but if they don’t, you can use the following treatment methods.

The different ways of getting rid of verrucas are-

1. Medicines – 

  • There are many creams, gels,s and medicated plasters for treating verrucas. They can be bought over the counter or get salicylic acid medication. Salicylic acid helps soften the verrucas’ outer layer and can help get rid of them.
  • These kinds of treatments when used in bulk, these kinds of medicines can cause irritation and risk getting scared. In case you have diabetes or if you are prone to nerve damage, then don’t use this medication. 
  • You can also use petroleum jelly to soften the verrucas. It will be best to soften the surface area before treatment and apply plaster or duct tape. Leave it for a few days. This process can go on for 2-3 months.

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2. Cryotherapy –

Another treatment method is freezing the wart in liquid nitrogen so the verrucas can fall off. Again, private clinical procedures can do this treatment.

  • One can buy the preparation over the counter and then use the liquid nitrogen to freeze the verrucas. This process can occur with the help of a cotton swab or spray. 
  • It can take from 5 seconds to 30 seconds to freeze the swabs and can be done two to three times a week. 
  • It can cause scarring and pain, so it is only suitable for adults.

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3. Herbal therapy – 

  • You can take Herbal treatment to get rid of verrucas.
  • These herbal therapies are effective but take longer than tropical medicines to deal with the verrucas. 
  • Firstly you can apply tea tree oils to the verrucas in this treatment with garlic juice. 
  • Then a tincture made with celandine removes the virus and damaged cells from the surface area.

4. Duct tape – 

Ducting that verrucas can be worth the try. You can do it yourself by rolling the tap on the leaves of the place where you have a verruca. 

  • Cover the lead for six days and place a new tape. After that, remove the video, put your feet in lukewarm water, and gently scrape off the excess on the surface. Next, remove the pepper dot-like structure with the help of a blunt instrument. 
  • This process can be applied for two months.

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5. A freezing aerosol – 

  • A freezing aerosol is available in the medical or chemist shop. This treatment is like cryotherapy. And there are different brands available in the market for dealing with verrucas. 
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions and label the aerosol while dealing with verrucas. If the verrucas are very thick, the medication can take about 3-4 weeks to get better, and the treatment can be a little painful and can cause blisters and burns when ineffective.

6. Specialized treatments – 

  • There is a specialized condition under which only doctors should remove the verrucas of the patients, like when they are on the face once the test confirms a different diagnosis than verrucas. The area under the effect is particularly larger. The immunity of the patient is low.
  • Your doctor may suggest different procedures for different conditions to remove the verrucas. They can also scrape off the surface with a curette. Laser treatments can also cut the blood supply of verrucas, eventually leading to their death.
  • These treatments can be painful and leave a scar. A doctor will prescribe a more potent medicine that can be taken for the mouth or be applied on the verrucas to deal with skin scarring and irritation.

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How to get rid of verrucas?

The treatment for verrucas is cryotherapy and conditioning, removing verrucas with salicylic acid. One can also opt for oral medications, creams, gels, and specialized therapies.

What will happen if verrucas are left untreated?

Verrucas can disappear independently, but they can get bigger and spread if they are not treated. They are very unpredictable and require to be treated by a doctor.

Are verrucas serious?

Verrucas are harmless and can be uncomfortable and painful when developed on a weight-bearing part of the foot. In addition, callus can form on top of the verrucas, increasing discomfort and spreading quickly to cause an ugly wound.

Can verrucas go away on their own?

Many parts of the verrucas are clear without treatment, but one can make treatments smoother with the help of creams, plasters, and sprays. However, the treatments can take up to three months to heal, and the skin can be irritated and won’t always work.

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The concluding note-

Verrucas Can occur by a viral infection that is often contagious. It is a raised circular callus-formed structure around a black dot that has thickened rim and can be painful. Though sometimes these verrucas can go away on their own, in case they are still persistent, it will be best to get an appointment with the doctor. The patients can also start taking medications, oral supplements, applying creams, and using cryo-therapies to get complete relief from verrucas. It is crucial to complete the course of verrucas prescriptions as they can reappear and persist for years.

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