7 Super healthy Drinks that Help with Period Cramps

Period cramps are the most uncomfortable feeling for women. 

In this blog we discuss about 7 Super healthy Drinks that Help with Period Cramps. Everyone wants to get rid of period cramps. However, it becomes difficult to avoid it. Nowadays, this is most severe with young girls. Menstrual pain has been classified into subcategories as primary and secondary dysmenorrhea. The causes of primary dysmenorrhea are early age periods, smoking, and stress. The secondary depends upon the disease condition. Therefore, the cause of the abnormal situation should be treated instantly, and some additional techniques help to relieve pain. 

If your periods are troubling you, I have come up with various Drinks that Help with Period Cramps and provide instant energy to the body. 

Drinks that Help with Period Cramps –

Warm Water – 

Although there are several key benefits of drinking warm water, the one that tops the list is period pain relief. It is one of the most inexpensive methods to afford.  

Different studies revealed that warm Water helps to dilate the uterus veins, which causes less pain and menstrual cramps.

Instead of taking cold or normal Water, you can replace it with warm Water to relieve the pain. It is one of the effective drinks that help to reduce period cramps. 

Ginger water –

Ginger is spicy and has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. It helps to relieve pain and bloat. 

Seven anecdotes include that over 600 women had taken 750-2000 mg of ginger during the starting days of their periods to reduce pain. 

Ginger plays an essential role in various disease conditions, including menstrual pain.

Turmeric drink –

Turmeric has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is one of the best drinks that help with period cramps, followed for decades. 

During menstruation, women feel bloating and inflammation in the uterus. Drinking turmeric helps ease these symptoms. 

Eventually, you feel your pain has settled. Follow these methods at least twice a day or once a day before sleeping. It helps you to sleep better with no pain. 

Chamomile Tea –

Chamomile tea is made of dried chamomile flowers and has a mild aroma. 

Though this tea does not directly affect the menstrual cycle, it promotes sleep and lessens fatigue. 

Scientists observed that drinking chamomile tea thrice a day will cause less bleeding. Also , there are several other benefits of drinking chamomile tea.

Baking soda and Water – 

The women who take baking soda and water help to reduce inflammation.

Consuming baking soda and Water has side effects like liver damage and bone loss. 

Therefore, it is suitable for short-term inflammation relief. It is convenient to use and increases the immune system. You can take it twice daily for two to three days for better effect. 

Cinnamon water –

Cinnamon has a sweet and spicy taste. In addition, it provides a warm flavor. 

Some studies revealed that cinnamon has an anti-inflammatory ailment. That means cinnamon water is one of the effective drinks that help with period cramps. It also helps in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). 

Red Raspberry leaf Tea –

Red raspberry leaf has a mild taste and doesn’t taste like raspberries. However, it is assumed that it stimulates uterine contractions.

The history of presumption theories about raspberries has just recently broken when scientists found raspberries don’t cause uterine contraction. 

Instead, it is one of the best drinks that help to reduce periods.

Pineapple Juice –

Pineapple juice has antioxidant properties that help to reduce inflammation during menstruation. It contains the enzyme bromelain helps to reduce pain during menstruation. 

Introducing pineapple is convenient because you can buy pineapple and make instant juice at home.

Peppermint Tea –

Peppermint has many beneficial qualities and contains menthol that gives a cooling effect. 

People use peppermint oil because it relaxes the gastrointestinal muscles and relieves the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. 

Although it is not much anecdotal, many women have reported it is the best herb to take during menstruation to relieve period cramps. 

Watermelon –

Watermelon contains natural sweetness that helps you to give energy for an extended period. In addition, it is quite light and doesn’t make your stomach heavy. 

It is good to eat watermelon. It is helpful to hydrate the body. Eventually, you will feel fewer period cramps and feel motivated after drinking watermelon juice. 

What drinks Women should avoid during period cramps –

There are many reasons to avoid these products that I have listed below. Let’s scrutinize more to read why you shouldn’t include these drinks during periods of cramps. 

First, it disrupts the sleep cycle. Following that, it can affect your mood. It causes bloating, and you will often become dehydrated. 

Alcohol may cause depression, and you feel low during the premenstrual symptoms. Alcohol exacerbates those feelings like irritation, frustration, and anger. 

These sugary drinks tend to shoot the energy level quickly and then shoot down quickly. In this process, you will be more lethargic. In addition, fatigue is a common problem during periods.

Women should avoid taking a cool drink when they are menstruating because it causes vasoconstriction, and they may feel more pain. Though there is no proof, many women reported avoiding taking cold beverages.

Many pre-made and dairy products have artificial sweetened and sugary products. It gives you an instant shot of energy, and then you feel fatigued again after some time. 

FAQs –

Is it beneficial to hydrate me to reduce periods of pain?

They are drinking an adequate amount of water to help reduce the periods of cramps. It helps to relieve bloating, the most common problem women face during menstrual cramps.

Can I take chocolate during periods of cramps?

Studies suggested that 40-120 gm of dark chocolate helps to relieve pain. If you are thinking of taking chocolate, you can check it with no doubt.

How do you stop period pains forever?

Pain medication.
Birth control methods.
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists.
endometrial ablation

Final Takeaway –

This blog has explained drinks you can recommend during your periods’ of cramps. I have also mentioned the drinks you should avoid. The drinks you can take daily help you relieve inflammation and aids in relieving the pain during menstruation. Warm drinks are more helpful than cold beverages. 

If you are suffering from severe pain conditions, you can consult a gynecologist to resolve the root cause of your pain. 

Menstruation should not be painful. It should be healthy!!

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