Burger King Confirms New Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries & Whopper
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If you get a kick out of spicy food, you may find your tastebuds tingling over the thought of trying Burger King’s newest duo. The fast-food behemoth confirmed today via press release that it is launching brand-new Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries and re-releasing the fan-favorite Ghost Pepper Whopper.

Starting on October 12 at participating locations and while supplies last, you’ll be able to order the super-spicy Whopper, which includes BK’s signature flame-grilled beef patty along with bacon, crispy jalapeños, spicy queso, and ghost pepper cheese. The mighty burger comes on a toasted orange bun that’s topped with black sesame, which helps distinguish it from the regular Whopper (and helps anyone avoid taking a bite of this scorching item by accident!). It’s also a fun nod to the spooky Halloween season.

While the Ghost Pepper Whopper first debuted as a limited-time menu offering last fall, the Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries are a brand-new offering. Burger King has offered Fiery Nuggets before, but the latest version of the spicy chicken fries takes it to the next level. Each ‘fry’ is made with white meat chicken that’s lightly breaded and coated in a ghost pepper spice seasoning. You’ll be able to order four, eight, or 12 pieces, along with your choice of dipping sauce.

The launch of both items comes after Burger King Royal Perk members voted on which Ghost Pepper menu item they wanted the brand to release.

In the press release, Pat O’Toole, Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King North America, said, “Earlier this year, we asked Guests if we should bring back the Ghost Pepper Whopper or introduce Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries. The results were split, so we’re adding both products to our menus nationwide this Halloween season, giving Guests multiple ways to enjoy the perfect combination of flavor and heat.”

“We’re excited for fans to have a new way to enjoy our signature Chicken Fries and bring back the Ghost Pepper Whopper with an eye-catching orange bun achieved with the use of paprika, showing that spook-tacular innovations don’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or flavor,” O’Toole added.

If this has piqued your piquant-loving interest, then you’ll also be pleased to learn that Burger King will be offering Digital Exclusive Trick or Heat Meal Bundles for Royal Perk members starting Friday, October 13. Simply head to the BK App or bk.com to claim a Ghost Pepper Whopper, 4-piece Ghost Pepper Chicken Fry, small French fries, a small beverage, and a Hershey Sundae Pie for $13. Or, you can swap out the spicey Whopper and Chicken Fries and opt for the original versions instead. As a bonus, you can also snag a limited-edition Burger King crown when you order the Ghost Pepper-fueled delights. Did someone say last-minute Halloween costume?

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