Does Certo Work For Urine Tests?
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Does Certo Work For Urine Tests?

In the search for excellent detoxification ways to pass a drug test, you would come up with many methods ranging from terrible to reliable. With this long list, does Certo work for urine tests? Generally, a Certo detox method is believed to help pass a drug test immediately. It uses fruit pectin as its primary component, which flushes out the THC metabolites out of the body. How does it work, Tips to use it, what happens during the test, and many more facts? We will discuss all these factors in this article! Let’s start!

What Is The Certo Drug Test Hack?

Sure, Jell and Certo are the brands associated with this test hack. Typically, Certo drug test hack involves Certo premium liquid fruit pectin concentrate as a main ingredient. This primary component flushes out the drug toxins while maintaining the natural urine pH and supporting the drug test.

Moreover, fruit pectin is a soluble fiber easily absorbed in water. For this reason, it can take in THC metabolites and remove them from the body through feces discharge. Besides this, it mixes with water to dilute the urine and combines with multivitamins and vitamins to mask the dilution. So, you do not have to be concerned about passing the urine drug test.

Does Certo Work To Pass a Urine Test?

Generally, the popularity of Certo Detox has raised the question among many people Does Certo Sure Jell work for urine tests? Yes, it works as a natural detoxification drink to cleanse your urine. Being affordable and readily available everywhere makes it an effective product for passing urine tests.

Research says the Certo detox hack works based on fruit pectin fiber’s ability to bind and remove unwanted substances from the body. Certo consists of fruit pectin, a main ingredient which is a soluble fiber. It absorbs water and creates a jelly-like substance in your gastrointestinal tract. This substance attaches to toxins, bile acids, and other waste products, breaking them into more minor metabolites. This eases the elimination of all these substances from the body through bowel movement.

Generally, drug metabolites come out of the body through urine, so the goal of the certo is to beat the urine test. When the body processes THC(a constituent of cannabis), the remaining metabolites accumulate in the fat cells. As the fat burns, these metabolites are discharged into the bloodstream until they are eliminated through urine. Certo plays a role in this process.

Though the high fiber in Certo makes the stools smooth and increases the elimination, the high carbohydrates boost the insulin level. This spike in insulin leads to the storage of excess calories instead of expanding. Meanwhile, the fat-soluble THCs are prevented from release. As the body doesn’t burn fat, the carbohydrate content of Certo works on the solubility of the metabolites. Certo mixes with the bile juice of the liver and makes the metabolites water-soluble.

When the Certo binds with the liver’s bile, the solubility of the water decreases. This helps Certo soak up any drug substances in the intestinal tract and remove them quickly through feces. Once your body is cleaned, there remain no metabolites in the urine. Typically, the Certo detox method takes 60 minutes and lasts 3 to 5 hours.

Does Certo Work For Urine Test For Weed?

According to a study, Certo is designed to work for weed(also called cannabis) metabolites. Fruit pectin is high in fiber, which acts like a sponge and removes only cannabis metabolites through the bowel and no other drug toxins. It’s because they are differently shaped and bind to the body’s fat cells in such a way that other drugs won’t be able to.

Hence, the majority of cannabis metabolites exit from the body through the bowels instead of the bladder. By drawing a large amount of metabolites into the bowel, they are flushed out of the body quickly. The remaining cannabis and other drug metabolites would entire the urine system.

Drinking a lot of water can flush out those left metabolites and other drug metabolites through the bladder. Doing this can lead to changes in pH, composition, specific gravity, and look of the urine and can also leave it diluted. This can be noticeable during the drug test. Having vitamin D, creatinine, and multivitamin can maintain the natural color of the urine and keep it more balanced.

Again – don’t consume too much Certo. If you are a heavy smoker, it will not help eliminate drug metabolites. This detox will decrease only some amounts; in this situation, THC metabolites might lower the cut-off levels, as per a report.

How To Use Certo For Drug Test?

You are close to your goal if you thoroughly understand the above things. What’s next? How to use Certo to pass a drug test? Two methods are based on your time before the drug screening.

Method 1:

This is ideal if you have enough time before the drug screening. Here is the complete guide on how to use Certo for drug tests:

The ingredients that you will need:

  • Two sachets of high-quality Sure Jell/Certo fruit pectin

  • Two bottles of Gatorade or an energy drink containing high electrolyte levels

  • One multivitamin and one vitamin D2 tablet

  • Powdered creatine monohydrate

  • Eight fl oz of additional water

The measures to perform the Sure jell drug test hack:

  1. Stop consuming any drug at least 48 hours before you undergo a drug test. If it’s possible to do it for several hours or days before the screening, this can be more effective in passing the test. Just choose a healthy lifestyle and practice exercises to flush out as many toxins as you can naturally.

  2. Start all the rest steps in the evening time of the day before you go for a drug test.

  3. On the first day, blend one sachet of Certo fruit pectin and a bottle of Gatorade. Down the solution within a few minutes and then have eight fl oz more water. Urinate as many times as you can before going to sleep.

  4. Mix another sachet of Certo/Sure Jell fruit pectin and a bottle of Gatorade the next day. Have it 2 hours before you go for a drug test. Drink it again quickly in a few minutes.

  5. Then, take vitamin D tablets, multivitamins, and 5 grams of creatine monohydrate, using eight fl oz of water.

  6. After an hour, urinate several times and sip more water if required.

  7. Performing all these steps will ensure the urine appears balanced rather than diluted.

Method 2:

If you have little time, this second hack can be completed 3 to 4 hours before the drug test. However, note that the first method gives better results. Yet, this method is equally effective, provided your body has a low toxin level.

The steps for this Certo hack are as follows:

  1. Prepare a Certo detox drink by mixing one sachet of Certo and one bottle of Gatorade. Ensure you shake the mixture well and gently consume it for about 15 minutes. Do it 2 to 3 hours before the drug test.

  2. One hour before the drug test, drink 1 liter of water. Next, have the vitamins(B2 and B12) and multivitamins to recover the lost vitamins due to frequent urination.

What Happens During A Urine Drug Test?

Once you hand over your urine sample, it undergoes several examinations:

  • The professionals will check the temperature of the urine. Legally, the temperature that is accepted has to be between 90°F-100°F. It is obvious that if you are giving your urine, it shouldn’t be a concern.

  • The urine sample will be checked for validity. This detects the adulteration with nitrates and contains the specific gravity range and pH. Moreover, it also closely looks over the appropriate level of creatinine.

  • If the sample passes the above two steps, it undergoes the complete urine test. This biochemical test examines the sample against different panels to see their reaction.

So, if you are using the Certo detox method to pass a drug test, it is essential to achieve the following:

  • do not leave the urine diluted

  • urine still should have the proper amounts of uric acid, creatinine, and urea

  • keep urine’s specific gravity and pH level intact.

  • Urine must not look pale.


Now, you may be clear about the effectiveness of how the Certo works for urine tests. By following the above-mentioned methods, your body can remain free from drug toxins. However, Certo drug test hack helps you pass the test within 3- 5 hours. We hope this timeframe is sufficient to complete the drug test.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to have a Certo for a drug test?

Five hours before the test, drink a mixture of one sachet of Certo and one bottle of Gatorade. After that, have 1 liter of water every hour.

How much Certo to take for a drug test?

You will require one sachet of Certo per attempt. But if you want to test this hack before going for the proper drug test, have two sachets.

Can Certo Sure Jell be detected if someone has used it before?

If someone uses the Certo Sure Jell, it entirely gets flushed out of the body, making it difficult to detect. It doesn’t change the urine color if the usage instructions are followed correctly.

How long does Certo work for urine tests?

Certo works for 5 hours, so you must carefully manage your time according to the situation.

How does certo work for urine tests?

Certo Sure Jell consists of fruit pectin, which helps detoxify the body. It can flush out the THC metabolites from the body. However, this detox has yet to be proven scientifically to pass the drug test. Many people consider it effective, and several reviews support this statement.

Does Certo Sure Jell drug test hack work for all drugs?

There is no solid scientific proof or guarantee that any other detoxification product will pass the drug test. Still, Certo and Gatorade, when taken in standard dosage along with plenty of water, vitamin B, and multivitamins, greatly flush out unwanted toxins.

Does Certo work for urine tests for heavy smokers?

For heavy smokers, Certo works only if taken for a more extended period(for a few weeks). Doing this gives the body enough time to flush out those metabolites safely.

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