McDonald's Popular Partnership with Krispy Kreme May Be Hitting a Major Snag
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McDonald’s is hard to beat when it comes to fast-food breakfasts. Between the McGriddles, bagel sandwiches, Egg McMuffins, and the golden, crispy hash browns, the burger giant is behind several of the most iconic options available to people looking for a quick morning bite. McDonald’s morning menu is so popular, in fact, that about a quarter of the burger giant’s sales come from breakfast, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

McDonald’s many breakfast fans will probably be excited to hear that the chain just expanded the breakfast lineup by bringing back its popular Chicken McMuffin BLT breakfast sandwich. But, in bad news for customers living in the United States, it’s only available in Canada.

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Canadian McDonald’s restaurants initially launched the Chicken McMuffin BLT as a limited-time item in late 2022, according to Canadify. The breakfast sandwich quickly garnered high praise from fans, some of whom even encouraged McDonald’s to turn it into a permanent menu item.

“The Chicken BLT McMuffin from @McDonaldsCanada is glorious,” one fan wrote in a November 2022 tweet.

The breakfast sandwich features a breaded seasoned chicken patty, tomato, lettuce, hickory-smoked bacon strips, a “mayonnaise-style sauce,” and a slice of cheddar cheese on a toasted English muffin. Participating McDonald’s restaurants throughout Canada are currently only offering these breakfast sandwiches for a limited time, so customers interested in trying them before they leave menus shouldn’t wait too long.

McDonald's Chicken McMuffin BLT
Courtesy of McDonald’s Canada

For those who aren’t quite sold on eating chicken for breakfast but are still drawn to the concept of a BLT-inspired breakfast sandwich, Canadian McDonald’s restaurants also currently offer an Egg BLT McMuffin and an Egg BLT Bagel. The Egg BLT McMuffin features all the same elements as the Chicken McMuffin BLT but replaces the chicken patty with an egg. The Egg BLT Bagels—which customers can order with either plain, sesame, or everything bagels—come with an egg, hickory-smoked bacon, sliced tomato, and lettuce.

Though McDonald’s fans in the United States won’t be able to order the Chicken BLT McMuffin (or the Chipotle BBQ Quarter Pounder that also debuted exclusively in Canada earlier this month), American customers aren’t completely without fast-food chicken breakfast options. Wendy’s offers a sweet and savory Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit with maple honey butter, while Chick-fil-A sells its own take on a Chicken Biscuit with a breakfast-sized portion of its classic breaded chicken.

Additionally, select American McDonald’s restaurants have tested several types of Crispy Chicken Breakfast sandwiches in recent years, while certain locations currently offer Chicken McGriddles and McChicken Biscuits.

In other McDonald’s news, the chain officially announced new Happy Meals last week inspired by the live-action version of The Little Mermaid that just hit theaters on May 26. McDonald’s also brought back its popular Spicy Chicken McNuggets and launched a new Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry in April.

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