The Converse Move Platform Is a Foot-Friendly Upgrade

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In the hype-filled world of sneakers, there are few more timeless than Converse Chuck Taylors. The iconic shoe has been around for generations, looks great on everyone, and adds a layer of cool to any outfit. As much as I love my Chucks, even I have to admit they’re not the most supportive pair of shoes in my closet. When I know I’m going to be walking or standing for as long period of time, I find myself reaching for something with more cushioning. But when the shoes I had packed on my honeymoon weren’t cutting it on treks around the city, I ended up impulse buying a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star Move Platforms ($75), and loved them so much, I proceeded to wear them for the rest of our trip.

I found the Move Platform Chucks, which launched back in 2021, to be way more comfortable than the originals, so comfortable in fact, that all of the other shoes I had packed (trust that there were many) stayed untouched in my suitcase for the rest of the two-week trip. I wore these sneakers everywhere—from standing in line to tour the Duomo to hiking up cobblestone roads until sunset—and they’re still an everyday sneaker for me. Despite looking identical to the famous Chucks, the Move Platforms blew me away. I had to understand how and why the two seemingly similar shoes are so different so I got a podiatrist to weigh in.

What makes the Chuck Taylor All Star Move Platforms so good? We talked to a podiatrist.

Despite their popularity and undeniable style, the original Chuck Taylor All Star Classics have some down sides from a foot health perspective, according to Alissa Kuizinas DPM and founder of Doctor Ark. “Number one is the narrow toe box shape which does not allow the foot to function naturally,” explains Dr. Kuizinas. “The other downside is the stiffness of the sole, which can cause foot fatigue and soreness, especially during the break in period before the shoe gains more flexibility.”

This all tracks, considering the inevitable soreness I feel when I do lots of walking in my Chucks. I still love them, of course, but have worn them long enough to learn that they’re better suited to dinners and Trader Joe’s runs than day-long outings and travel.

side by side image of author wearing the converse move platform sneaker
Photo: Author

I found the All Star Move Platforms’ toe box to be slightly roomier than the original style, and Dr. Kuizinas says the new shoe’s iteration features other foot-friendly upgrades compared to the original model. “The added cushioning of the shoe should make it more comfortable and more tolerable for long distances of walking,” she explains. Unlike the original Chucks, the Move Platforms are made with an OrthoLite insole that feels pillow-y under my feet, while still being lightweight. So it’s no wonder why I clocked some serious miles in these—no soreness or calluses in sight, which is kind of unheard of, especially in a brand new pair of shoes. “They also have a little bit of toe spring which may help the foot rocker through each step more easily,” said Dr. Kuizinas. A little spring in your step is exactly what you’d need while walking and standing on a long day.

And Converse shoppers are loving the Move’s comfortable fit too, earning the shoes a 4.8 star rating out of 500+ reviews. “Most comfortable pair of Converse I’ve owned,” wrote one customer in a 5-star review. “They actually feel like they have support in them.” Another shopper said she even got a pair for her 72-year-old mother, and she loves them, saying that the lighter sole and supportive cushion makes all the difference. “She said they are the best thing she ever had on her feet,” she wrote. I couldn’t agree more.

Stylish as they are, the Move Platforms are so much more than a good-looking pair of shoes. With the plush cushion, improved toe spring, and supportive, chunky platform, the Converse Move Platforms are a *step* in the right direction when it comes to foot health.


Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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