Aiken non-profit, Umoja Village, opens new location
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AIKEN, S.C. () — A groundbreaking moment for Aiken as a local non-profit, Umoja Village, unveils its new hub. The center is now named after Mr. Richard Johnson, Jr.; one of Aiken’s oldest residents for his quiet yet impactful community contributions.

“You trying to get me situated. Ain’t nobody trying to get me situated with my license but you. Mm-Hmm. You get what I’m saying?,” Terry Cade asked Donna Wesby.

Cade actively participates with Umoja Village, discovering the non-profit through a recommended training program. The Emerge/Sun program provides support beyond technical skills. “They had people come to talk to us about the banking,” he said. “It’s gonna take off with the solar system for the houses and then also these new electric cars.”

The non-profit, led by CEO Donna Wesby, catalyzes Terry’s journey, extending support beyond training for its clients. “In just the three weeks that we’ve been here, we’ve hosted job interviews with some of our clients. We’ve held counseling or advisement sessions, working on life action plans,” said Donna Wesby, CEO of Umoja Village.

The organization spans spirituality, housing, finance, and entrepreneurship.
The new facility has a sunroom, reception area, conference room, offices, and breakroom. NewsChannel 6 got a tour of the new building.

“My favorite, oh my goodness, that is going to be hard. I’m going to say the reception area because first impressions are lasting and you only get one time to make a first impression,” she said.

The center is open daily, ensuring its clients’ needs are met.

“I think I can probably, um, rewire somebody house by some, the stuff was locked,” Terry said. “This is why I know I’m here,” Wesby added.

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