As egg prices soar, local businesses feel the impact

SAVANNAH, Ga. () – Egg prices are hurting just about everyone’s pockets, including bakery and restaurant owners. 

According to NBC, the national average cost of eggs has doubled in the last two years, with prices climbing to almost $10.

Owner of Unforgettable Bakery in Savannah, Belinda Baptiste, says she has felt the pinch.

“Can’t get eggs,” Baptiste said.

“You go to places you know like Costco or Sam’s Club, you know, I used to buy like 15 dozen eggs for like $15, and it’s 70 bucks, $70,” she continued.

“It’s quadrupled in price. We used to buy, for example, 18 eggs for 99 cents. It’s $8.98. $8.98 cents in some places for 18 eggs”.

Baptiste has owned her business for over 10 years and since then, she says it has been hard keeping up with the rising costs.

“We used to make 200 cakes during the holidays,” Baptiste said. “Well this year, we probably did 50, 60, which is OK for me cause, you know I understand, people don’t want to pay $80, $90 for a cake, but then we have to pass it on. So, that’s what we did, so we sold 80 cakes, or 60 for Christmas for the holidays versus 200.” Baptiste said. “

She’s even removed items from the menu because people cannot afford the new prices.

Baptiste said, “I used to make 6-inch cakes, they were like, they run from like $30 to $35, and so I couldn’t raise the 6-inch cakes to $50. So, I decided not to, people cannot buy 6-inch cakes here because it would have been $50 for a 6-inch cake. And, so I only make a 9-inch cake, which is between $80 and $85 depending on what, which cake it is. 

Although she has no desire to close her doors, her motto, for now, is to take one day at a time and hope relief will come soon.

“We’ll see what happens in the next few months, but it’s been really hard,” Baptiste said. “People say why don’t you do this anymore? Because we can’t. We can’t afford to do it, it’s too expensive, and a lot of people are not able to buy the things that we make.” 

Experts say the only way prices will come down is all depending on inflation. 

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