Dalrymple testifies about lack of federal response in DAPL trial day 5
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NORTH DAKOTA () — We’re learning more details about the DAPL protest and the damages incurred during the fifth day of North Dakota’s trial against the U.S. Government.

KX News relates what former Governor Jack Dalrymple shared in his testimony against the U.S.

According to former Governor Dalrymple, the protest “became like a daily nightmare dealing with the activity that was coming out of the camps.”

During the protests, Dalrymple said there were daily threats to public safety.

While some were not violent, they needed law enforcement response every time.

He says this caused not only a great financial cost but also widespread trauma for everyone involved.

Dalrymple drew attention to his communications with U.S. Cabinet members about the illegal activity.

When asking former Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell to take responsibility for the situation, he says he was confused by her response.

He said Secretary Jewell was in contact with intel within the camp, who had said there were dangerous extremist groups in the camp.

However, Jewell said the best way to properly deal with them would be to ignore them and stay away from the camps.

Dalrymple later informed U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch that drug and sex trafficking was taking place at the camps on federal land and that they must take responsibility.

Lynch and the FBI both ignored requests for help, saying that they did not have resources at their disposal.

In the cross-examination, the U.S. asked Dalrymple whether drug and sex trafficking were crimes under state law, and he responded that they were.

They also asked him if there had been a protest to this magnitude in North Dakota before — to which he said there had not been.

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