Don't be alarmed, it's only a test
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AUGUSTA, Ga. () – In order to prepare the public for any future national emergencies, all TVs and cell phones will get a nationwide alert this Wednesday.

“Updating our people is critically important. Especially when there is a disaster situation,” said Joe Webber with Augusta University.

When trouble comes, Augusta University sends a JagAlert to its students, staff, patients and people in the surrounding neighborhood. Joe Webber, Director of the Critical Event Preparedness and Response Office, said he knows what it means to get people ready to survive.

“We want to make sure that we do everything that we can to develop that relationship, to build that trust,” Webber said.

This Wednesday, do not be alarmed. FEMA and the FCC want to prepare the public for a possible national emergency. The government agencies plan to roll out two tests; a one minute Emergency Alert System on TVs, cable systems and radios. The broadcast noise will also provide a text message stating it’s only a test. At the same time, a unique sound and vibration text called a Wireless Emergency Alert will hit cell phones.

Augusta Georgia Fire – EMA issued a heads up to the public as well via social media, telling everyone to expect a message between 2:20 and 2:50 p.m. Eastern Time. And not to be alarmed, it’s only a test.

FEMA released this statement saying “The purpose of the Oct. 4 test is to ensure that the systems continue to be effective means of warning the public about emergencies, particularly those on the national level.”

Webber added, “This is critically important to make sure that it’s going to work when it needs to work. We always want to make sure to test it out on a blue sky day rather than a grey sky day when something may be going on.”

Cell phones switched on and within rang of an active cell tower will get the message. In the event of severe weather on Wednesday, the testing date changes to October 11.

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