Is North Dakota one of the smartest states?
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BISMARCK, N.D. () — Generally, people tend to believe that specific states — especially those that host more tech-based industries and larger populations — are smarter than others. While this can be true in terms of average IQ and test scores, the public assumptions of which states boast these higher levels of intelligence are not often correct. But as test results and literacy rates would suggest, North Dakota, despite having a larger focus on agriculture and industry, is a state that is both hard working and highly intelligent.

In an attempt to determine the smartest states in America, free online education platform Guru99 analyzed six different metrics across each territory: the state’s average IQ, graduation rates, the percentage of the population with low literacy rates, average SAT scores, GDP per capita, and percentage of the states that do not have a high school diploma. These different aspects were then given a score out of ten, and combined to result in a total score out of 60.

When the individual scores of each state were weighed against one another, it was determined that North Dakota — as well as several other states from the American Midwest — are deemed above average in terms of intelligence.

Rank State Overall Index Score
1 New Hampshire 56.82
2 Minnesota 55.82
3 Wyoming 54.98
4 Vermont 54.91
5 Montana 54.64
6 North Dakota 54.38
7 Maine 53.83
8 South Dakota 52.61
9 Wisconsin 52.45
10 Utah 52.21

According to the study, when the different factors being studied are considered, the Peace Garden State is the sixth most intelligent area in the United States. Much like Montana, North Dakota is notable for boasting excellent SAT scores (with an average score of 1212 serving as the norm), as well as a very high graduation rate of 93.6%. In addition, ND residents generate more GDP per capita than most other states, with an average of $66,184 worth of product produced for each individual. A similar statement can be made for South Dakota — which also boasts a high GDP of $65,806 per individual and a graduation rate of 93.05%.

“Education in the United States is the cornerstone of individual empowerment and societal progress,” states Guru99’s Founder and CEO Krishna Rungta. “It is a dynamic force that not only imparts knowledge, but shapes character, cultivates critical thinking, and ignites the flames of curiosity.   America is home to many of the greatest educational institutions across the globe; as one of the world’s largest economies and powerhouses in industry and innovation, it’s pivotal that every generation continues to learn and develop, to progress the foundations that have already been built in the country. Smartness is easy to quantify, however, this does not attest to the spectrum of talents and skills that every person is capable of learning across a broad range of topics. Even after college, the internet has opened up a vast array of opportunities for growth and development that could progress careers further, or enable people to learn new skills and discover new passions.”  

In order to learn about continuing education opportunities in your community, visit the websites of the University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University, or any other educational facility near you.

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