Afterlife, According To Carrie Coon
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In an interview with Nightmarish Conjurings leading up to the release of “Ghostbusters: Afterlife,” Carrie Coon — who plays Egon Spengler’s daughter and a struggling single mother of two, Callie — was asked what it was like to work with Paul Rudd. Their characters begin dating after the Spenglers arrive in Summerville, Oklahoma, meaning Coon and Rudd spent a lot of time on set together.

Coon had nothing but praises for Rudd. “The kids all know who Paul Rudd is and I’ve been watching him since before I had a career,” she said, noting she’s a long-term fan. “He’s just as delightful and funny and fun as you can imagine.” Any fan of Rudd’s can imagine that he’s just as funny off-screen as he is when the cameras are rolling. For “The Leftovers” star, it was great to have someone who could be “spontaneous.”

“He really made all of those scenes much easier to play in,” Coon added. “And [‘Afterlife’ director] Jason [Reitman] was certainly open to us playing around with the dialogue. Jason’s a specific filmmaker, but he’s totally open to collaboration and he wants the best version of a story he can tell. So Paul was really brought in because he could bring that kind of spontaneous [Judd] Apatow sensibility, and he delivers every time. He’s just a delightful human being.”

The two are set to reunite in the “Afterlife” sequel — which moves from Oklahoma to New York City, as a post-credits scene revealed — slated to release on December 20 in cinemas (per Deadline).

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