LEGO Galaxy Explorer

In 2014’s The LEGO Movie, Charlie Day voiced the character of Benny, a 1980’s-something spaceman with a crack along the chinstrap of his helmet. This, of course, was a nod to LEGO Classic Space, one of the most iconic themes the brand has ever produced. Unsurprisingly, Classic Space received an updated interpretation of a beloved set called the Galaxy Explorer. The new version (10497), which contains 1,254 pieces, perfectly balances the design prowess of modern-day LEGO while maintaining the simplistic and minimalistic nature of the original from 1979 (497). LEGO even directly referenced the original model in the new set number, keeping 497 intact. 

Forest Hideout

In 1988, LEGO introduced a short-lived line of sets called Forestmen. The wave drew inspiration from Robin Hood’s stories but failed to make as large a footprint among fans as themes like Castle and Space. However, Forestmen has gone on to garner a bit of a cult following, with LEGO acknowledging the fanbase this year with a remake of the set Forestmen’s Hideout (6054). The new set, called Forest Hideout (40567), recreates all the well-known aspects of the original, including the black tree, deer shields, and more. 

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Starfighter

LEGO isn’t the only property celebrating a significant birthday this year. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones turned two decades old this past May, and to celebrate, LEGO remade a set featuring one of the movie’s most revered vessels. That ship in question is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s trusty Jedi Starfighter, which LEGO made a set of in 2002 (7143) to coincide with the film’s release. Just this summer, a new version of that vehicle was released (75333), and the set included a minifigure of Taun We, a character LEGO Star Wars fans had been clamoring to get for years. In addition, what better time to push Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi with his self-titled show dominating the Dinsey+ charts earlier this summer? 

Sanctum Sanctorum

Strange, isn’t it? Since Stephen Strange made his on-screen debut in 2016, LEGO has made four separate sets with Sanctum Sanctorum in the name, each from a different MCU movie. While two sets just represented individual rooms inside the New York City Village building, the other two depicted the exterior. The first of those was released in 2018 from Avengers: Infinity War (76107) and illustrated the battle early in the film featuring Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Spider-Man facing off against Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian. The new version (76218), released this summer, pictures the same Infinity War battle, but LEGO also gives you the option to swap those characters out for players from the recently released Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Those figures include Wong, The Scarlet Witch, Master Mordo, and even two variants of Doctor Strange himself. Additionally, the 2022 model is more than 2.5x larger than the original, creating the ultimate Sanctum for the ultimate Marvel fan. 

Epic LEGO Sets Available Now on eBay! 

Are you itching to expand your LEGO collection right now but aren’t sure which sets to buy? Or maybe you’re looking to get back into the Hobby and want to go big for your first purchase? Here are some of the best LEGO sets available now on eBay! 

Titanic (10294)

Before you ask, no, this set does not include an iceberg or a minifigure of Leonardo DiCaprio, but it does live up to its name, being the biggest LEGO set ever made in terms of parts included (over 9000!). Builders can gloriously recreate the epochal ship with a set bound to be a conversation starter in any home. 

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