Diablo 4 Multiplayer Explained: How to Play With Friends
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It’s a pretty simple system, but there are a few rules and restrictions. In order to start multiplayer, you need to complete Diablo 4’s prologue and reach the city of Kyovashad. Moreover, you can only team up with three other players, and only one player can serve as its leader. This last part is crucial because every party member syncs up with the leader’s world progress. If you completed a certain enemy Stronghold and another player didn’t, the player who didn’t will see the Stronghold as you do. On the bright side, everyone receives a 10% XP bonus if they fight in a group, so leveling that way will still be quicker for most players.

In previous Diablo games, every player needed their own copy to play as a team, but Diablo 4 is changing the rules. Yes, Diablo 4 will include couch co-op at launch. You and a friend can conquer the forces of Hell on the same screen so long as you both have Battle.net accounts and controllers. Just know that Diablo 4 only supports couch co-op functionality for up to two players rather than the four players that Diablo 3‘s local co-op supported. It seems that the nature of Diablo 4‘s design prohibited proper four-player local multiplayer options.

Of course, couch co-op is only available for console versions. Even then, Diablo 4 doesn’t technically support split-screen play. That is to say that players will not be able to “break” from each other and go on their own adventures as they share half a screen. You will need to stick fairly close together through the adventure, though you have a fair bit of room to roam in that shared area.

To initiate a couch co-op session, launch Diablo 4, activate the second player’s controller, have the second player accept the prompt that appears, allow them to log-in to their account (which must be connected to Blizzard), and wait for the log-in to load. From there, they should be able to select their character and join your game.

Since Diablo 4 dives heavily into the multiplayer experience, it also includes the MMO ability to create Clans. To create a clan in Diablo 4, you’ll first need to open the “Clan” tab from the social menu. From there, you can either search for (and join) a public clan or choose to “Create Clan.” Choosing to create a clan will require you to enter some basic information (Clan name, Clan tag, and a description of your Clan’s goals) but the process is free and is not bound to any level requirements. Furthermore, you can have up to 150 members in your clan (including your own characters).

Clan leaders (aka the person who creates the Clan) also have quite a bit of control over the Clan itself. They can control invites to the Clan, promote and demote members, and even ban members. They can also change the Clan’s labels, logos, and other visual marks. It’s all pretty standard so far as MMOs go, though it’s the most expansive example of that function we’ve seen in a Diablo game. If you find (or create) the right Clan, it can be a great way to ensure you have fairly consistent access to the game’s multiplayer options.

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