Emily Rudd Had The Sweetest Reaction To One Piece Season 2 Renewal
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X wasn’t the only place Emily Rudd celebrated the renewal. She posted on her Instagram story about her excitement, too. While it’s since gone from her social media page, it was uploaded by FandomWire. In addition to an extreme close-up selfie, she posted the following message, “i’m so happy thank you y’all we love you so so so much.”

But staying in the realm of “One Piece” means something extra special for Rudd. She wasn’t completely unfamiliar with this world; she’s been an anime fan for years now. She spoke with Still Watching Netflix about how anime shaped her into who she is today, “I grew up on ‘Dragon Ball Z.’ I grew up on ‘Pokémon,’ ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ I saw ‘Spirited Away’ in theaters when it came out here in the States.” She also mentions how she’s been rereading “One Piece,” likely to help get her further into the mindset of her character, Nami. 

That kind of commitment to the story being told and doing justice to the characters no doubt came through in the Netflix series, which fans really responded to. And with so many stories out there to adapt, Rudd may be filming a lot more “One Piece” in the years to come. 

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