Emma Thompson Believes Romantic Comedies Get Unfairly Targeted For Being 'Formulaic'
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Television series like medical and crime procedurals have their place in culture, just like anything else. Episodes follow a specific formula that viewers find comfort in. Romance is no different, and these stories work because it is all about the journey. Jane Austen nearly perfected the marriage plot, but her stories are much more intricate than some may give her credit for. Look past the Victorian speak, and you’ll be able to acknowledge the wit and satire evident in her books. Austen wove sarcasm deftly through her material, and always made a point about the two lovers getting together in the end. 

Elizabeth Bennet’s marriage to Mr. Darcy was all about looking past her preconceived notions. The act of loving him made her surpass being prejudicial and become a better person. Emma Woodhouse also finds character development through her romantic trials. She learns to be less selfish and meddlesome. Thompson herself stated that love stories such as these are not necessarily straightforward.

“Even George Eliot, who was one of the greatest intellects of her time, wrote books where two people at the end who want to get married, get married, like Dorothea and Will Ladislaw,” Thompson explained. “And yet, the journey towards it is absolutely fraught, and also fascinating. There is this incredible portrait of human life. It’s just a kind of hook, isn’t it?”

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