Harrison Ford Shuts Down The Han Solo Vs Indiana Jones Debate Once And For All
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Harrison Ford has a very long history of blunt honesty with interviewers, and his bemused feelings about the state of “Star Wars” fandom at large is legendary at this point in time. His irascible irreverence has given us dozens of unforgettable moments scattered across movies and interviews throughout the years. 

Aside from his total honesty in subject matter, he also has a tendency to lean on a certain four-letter word in his one-on-ones. In fact, his May 2023 Esquire interview is absolutely another example of his many forays into truthfulness — and verbal saltiness — with members of the media. During the Esquire interview, he mentions a February 2023 piece for The Hollywood Reporter, which upset his wife Calista Flockhart due to the profile’s reliance on expletives. 

He goes on to explain his salty choice of words. “Me and the writer were sitting on folding chairs in a horse stall. It didn’t feel like a formal enough atmosphere to have to clean up my language,” he said. “And they printed every single f***.”

You can catch Harrison Ford using much cleaner language in the allegedly-final Indiana Jones film, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” on June 30. He’s also a regular in Apple TV+’s “Shrinking,” which just wrapped its first season.

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