Konami: $6 Billion Market Cap

While Konami barely bothers to pretend to be interested in publishing and developing “traditional” games anymore, the company’s controversial efforts to expand the scope of their operations in recent years haven’t exactly hurt the bottom line. They’re also still sitting on a treasure trove of valuable video game properties.

Square Enix: $5.9 Billion Market Cap

They may be slightly lower on this list than some of their big-name competition, but Square Enix’s revenue has slowly been growing over the last 10 years or so. They’re certainly one of the most popular topics in any discussion about which studios could be acquired next. At this time, though, there have been no reliable reports that suggest Square Enix’s leadership is interested in selling the company or that there are any serious buyers out there.

Capcom: $4.9 Billion Market Cap

Much like Square Enix, there has been a lot of talk about whether or not Capcom could soon be acquired by another major video game company. The studio certainly boasts a compelling blend of legacy titles and modern hits that would surely appeal to potential suitors, but much as it is with a lot of publishers and developers in this market cap range, you do need to consider the incredible number of variables that complicate any potential Capcom deal.

CD Projekt: $4.9 Billion Market Cap

While Cyberpunk 2077‘s disastrous launch absolutely hurt CD Projekt’s overall value, the company is still doing quite well for itself in the grand scheme of things. The fairly popular belief is that their value will continue to rise as they fix Cyberpunk 2077 and unveil new projects that will, hopefully, not suffer from that game’s many issues.

Sega: $3.6 Billion Market Cap

While Sega is no longer the console manufacturer and industry presence they used to be, they’ve actually done quite well for themselves in recent years thanks to a number of successful new properties and some legacy hits. They’re certainly in the conversation about possible studio acquisitions, though they arguably have been in that conversation for many years now and haven’t sold quite yet.

Nintendo vs. PlayStation vs. Xbox: Which Company Makes the Most Money?

For those who really want to know where the three big console manufacturers stand from a revenue perspective, here’s a look at their gaming 2020 revenue figures (based on reports from Niko Partners analyst, Daniel Ahmad):

Source: Den of Geek