How Rise Of The Beasts Fixes The Michael Bay Transformers' Biggest Problem
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Given how Michael Bay is so closely affiliated with explosions and over-the-top fight scenes, it’s a bit weird so many of the fights in his “Transformers” movies are barely legible. Given the muted color palettes of both Autobots and Decepticons, as well as the conflicts taking place in cities a lot of the time, it tends to look like metal clashing against metal. When a battle actually does end, it can take a second to figure out if an Autobot or Decepticon emerged victorious. This problem only exacerbated as the sequels went on, with each fight getting uglier than the last.

However, “Rise of the Beasts” takes a smart approach to ensure audiences can follow the action, especially when it comes to the final climactic battle. This particular fight occurs amidst a barren backdrop. Some viewers may not like having such a dull battleground, but in this instance, it actually works to the film’s advantage. With all the gray in the background, it’s easier to make out the combatants. One can follow the action and determine who’s fighting who.

Granted, VFX technology is more advanced now than it was in the 2000s and 2010s, which inevitably aided with such fights anyway. But the decision to forego wanton destruction in a city for something that’s admittedly a bit duller inevitably helped make the “Rise of the Beasts” fights far more enjoyable to watch.

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