Loki Season 2 Challenges the Anti-Hero's Redemption Story in More Ways Than One
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That team includes season one’s head writer, Michael Waldron, its director, Kate Herron, and writers Eric Martin (who takes over head writer duties this season) and Bisha K. Ali (who has gone on to become head writer for Ms. Marvel).

“At every stage of production, there is a whole new group of people who need to understand what we’re doing. Marvel usually has one person like me on every production who is there from beginning to end as the team shifts around them,” Wright points out. “They carry forward not just the literal story but all the paths and choices you went down during writing and production. You are a kind of living document.”

In season two of Loki, the idea Wright sought to carry through the production was Loki’s more nuanced approach to heroism. While he takes great pains to point out this does not happen in Loki season two, Wright poses the question, “Say Loki ran into Thor? Would Thor even believe this new virtuous path that Loki’s been on? Everyone would be skeptical of it. If this Loki drops down and tells the Avengers that war is coming, are they going to trust him?”

Wright is excited about how that will unfold in a universe where heroes are typically reinforced and celebrated for their sacrifices.

“If you’re Loki and trying to do the right thing, do you still do the right thing if nobody’s looking?” Wright asks. “What happens if the TVA is saying ‘We need you to be a little mischievous. We need you to lean into that stuff.’ Will he lean into that, or will he start to backslide? How can we challenge Loki’s redemption and see if it will stick?”

Hunter in Loki Season 2

A New Multiverse

Loki season two picks up pretty much immediately where season one leaves off, but the show is returning to a very different landscape. Since we saw Kang’s stony visage in the TVA at the end of last season, we have also seen Everything, Everywhere All At Once, The Flash, and of course, Marvel’s own What If?, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. In a media environment where you can’t throw a stick without hitting a multiverse, how does Loki retain its identity?

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