Legacy's Edi Gathegi Is Getting Jacked For His Mr. Terrific Role
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Paolo Mascitti is an experienced personal trainer in Hollywood. Beyond working with Edi Gathegi, he counts names like Flula Borg from “The Suicide Squad” and “Mr. Robot” star Christian Slater as his clients. Mascitti is also responsible for training “Superman: Legacy” lead David Corenswet, who plays the titular hero in this first DC Universe film.

Images of Corenswet looking jacked ahead of his “Superman: Legacy” debut started surfacing in August and September. Considering how much bulk Corenswet has added compared to photos of some of his prior public appearances, his training must have started months earlier, if not even during the previous year. Now that Gathegi appears to have undergone a considerable transformation of his own, it’s possible he started training with Mascitti around the time or shortly after Corenswet kicked off his Superman regimen.

“Beyond grateful a master storyteller has invited me to contribute to an iconic property and this artistic conversation. Humbled to join the DC family. Thank you, James Gunn, Peter Safran & Chantal Nong. Up up and away,” Gathegi wrote in an Instagram post about his casting. He has yet to comment on the role since then, but his new look suggests that he’s taking preparations plenty seriously.

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