Say what you will about the masked psycho, but the man has a code. During his threesome with Peacemaker and Amber last week, he bluntly told them he would have killed them in the past for their marijuana use. But it’s legal now so they get to live. When he finally gets Peacemaker to concede that his father is a racist, he then asks, in all credulity, why Peacemaker doesn’t kill him. His worldview is that simple. Though Peacemaker’s perspective of keeping peace at all costs appears to be cracking after the events in Corto Maltese, Vigilante’s doctrine of justice above all else is unshakeable. That creates a horrifying human being…but one hell of a compelling character. 

Aside from its pitch perfect opening credits, Peacemaker has never been more entertaining than it is during Vigilante’s brief stint in jail to kill Auggie Smith. He makes his presence known from moment one, sitting in on an Aryan card game and immediately asking the crew to name their favorite contributions to culture from Black Americans. 

“I’m grateful that Black people gave us rock and roll music,” Vigilante says. “Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, 38 Special, all those guys owe everything to Black American folk and blues musicians. I mean, they wouldn’t exist without them. And then white redneck music would just sound like…well, what it sounded like before Black people: which was the wet, sloppy sounds of fucking your sister.”

A fight then ensues and Vigilante says something so foul to Auggie that I’m not sure I can reprint it without phoning the FCC first. So yeah…the Vigilante show.

That’s the thing about making a secondary character a main protagonist: you kind of have to make them do protagonist things. That means fleshing out Peacemaker as a human being named Christopher Smith and not just the catchphrase spouting murderer he was in The Suicide Squad. To Peacemaker’s credit, this week’s episode does a lot better in that regard than the first three. Peacemaker has never shied away from its titular character’s daddy issues. This week, however, brings them into even clearer focus. 

“He’s one of the worst people to ever set foot on this planet,” Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) says of the elder Smith early on in the proceedings. Then the episode goes a long way to proving it.

Source: Den of Geek