Sarah Michelle Gellar in Wolf Pack
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I would say it’s really scary. I think that’s the one fun thing that I haven’t really gotten to dip my toe in too much. I did I Know What You Did Last Summer. Scream is funny. Grudge is scary. But I haven’t gotten to tell those fun stories. I think the other thing that really got me, and I didn’t say this earlier about Jeff, but one of the ways he got me was the stories he wants to tell. 

Buffy utilized monsters to represent the horrors of adolescence. Now, we live in a very different world, and Jeff is using monsters to deal with anxiety and depression and isolation, and all those emotions that young kids and adults are already feeling. Add the pandemic, and it’s tenfold. And to me, that’s when scary stories work the best; when they’re really telling a secondary story [underneath]. What it’s like to be so isolated these days, and what does someone’s pack look like? Nowadays, it’s harder and harder to meet your pack because so much is digital. I loved that exploration. It really made me think.

Your character, Kristin Ramsey, is an arson investigator. What can you tell us about her journey this season?

Very little! And that’s on purpose. I’m the mystery. I can tell you a lot about each of the other characters, but I’m the one that you’re like, “What?” It just seems like I’m all business, and I have a mission, and I’m on it. But fire is one of the scariest horrors. It really is. And fire is the backdrop for us. [The show] all takes place during the California wildfires and [explores] what that does to the earth and how we’re treating our planet. 

As you said, the mental health aspect of this story feels so important right now. Do those issues of isolation and that idea of finding your pack apply to Kristin too?

Absolutely. The one thing I will say is:  You have to bear with this because this is episodic television where everything gets explained. [But] you have to get through the eight episodes to understand. But it definitely takes a minute. Every episode will give you some pieces, but until you get to eight, you can’t connect the dots.

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